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Omen Face Reveal In Episode 8 Valorant Cinematic

Omen is the most mysterious character in Valorant who acts like a shadow as he lacks a physical body.

Because of this, fans have always memed Omen’s face as developers never reveal anything about him.

A fragment of Omen face reveal was enough to hype up the entire Valorant community during the Episode 8 Cinematic called Reckoning. During the cinematic, fans saw what Omen looked like when he was a human.

Continue reading this article to learn about Omen’s face reveal in Valorant.

Who Is Omen In Valorant?

Omen is one of the playable agents in Valorant who has the role of the Controller.

During the game, he can smoke and teleport because of his weightless phantom body.

However, Omen’s lore is full of mysteries as he has only minimal memories of his past.

Omen Valorant
The in-game appearance of Omen in Valorant.

He regains a fragment of memories for every kill he makes, making him an interesting character.

Fans of the game soon discovered that he has ties to Viper who is another controller in Valorant.

Because of his mysterious personality and faceless appearance, fans have always memed Omen’s face.

However, this is no longer the case after Valorant’s new cinematic episode was released.

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Did Omen Reveal His Face On The Cinematic?

Yes and No; during the new Valorant Cinematic  Episode 8 called Reckoning, Omen’s face was partially revealed.

However, he only reveals his right eye which has made the fans even more curious about his full face.

Omen face reveal
The official Omen face was revealed during the episode 8 cinematic of Valorant.

On the official cinematic video, players can pause the video at 4:30 to see Omen’s face reveal.

Viper was the cause of his partial face reveal as she splashed her acid on his mask.

But fans must wait until another cinematic in the future to get a chance to learn more about his appearance.

Breakdown Of The Cinematic Besides Omen’s Face Reveal

Valorant Fans are very happy with the Episode 8 cinematic of the game because of the thrilling presentation.

Fans have taken it to Reddit discussion to theorize and break down everything about the new cinematic.

People discusiing omen n cinematic
Valorant players on Reddit are discussing the Omen-Viper dynamic in the Cinematic.

Here are all the new information that Valorant revealed during the cinematic:

  • The video confirmed that Omen and Viper have an unfinished past.
  • Omen was hired to kill Viper but failed and died in the process.
  • Either Viper was trying to kill Omen or save him to use him in the future.
  • ISO was working for the same organization as Omen but he quit during the trailer.
  • A new double-barrel sniper rifle called Outlaw was showcased.
  • Omen gained a chunk of his memories as he remembered his job and even his face.

The Bottom Line

Omen fans and users are very pleased as they get to learn about their main agent in Valorant.

However, the focal point of the entire cinematic was his facial reveal which no one expected.

Nevertheless, fans must wait until another cinematic in the future reveals his entire identity.

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