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Learn Everything About The Display Case 22 In OSRS

The display case 22 quest has resurfaced again after the OSRS became popular.

The entire display quest event is tied to the Varrock Museum in the Old School Runescape.

In OSRS, the item in display case 22 is the pottery. The pottery can be obtained once the dig site’s uncleaned find has been cleaned. Players can also show the item to the archaeologists to reveal where the item goes.

Continue reading this article to learn everything related to Case 22.

What Is Display Case 22 In OSRS?

Display Cases are interactive objects that are part of the archaeological quests of Varrock Museum.

These cases are present on the ground floor of the museum next to the archaeologist’s desk.

Firstly, players will find these display cases as part of the museum decoration.

However, the quest reveals later that some missing items in the cases require some items.

description of case 22 of OSRS
The image shows the description of case 22 of OSRS.

After players find the artifacts, they must move toward the display case to place them.

One such case is numbered 22, which already displays some pots.

Therefore, players must place the pottery in the case to receive kudus-an in-game currency.

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How To Receive The Pottery For The Display Case 22?

There are some prerequisites that players must follow to receive the pottery for Display Case 22.

Firstly, they must enter the Varrock Museum in the Varrok district and go to the ground floor.

Then, players must change into the correct gear before going to the dig site.

These gears can be found within the museum’s southern wall rack.

In fact, there are four items that players must pick up from this wall. They are:

  1. Rock Pick
  2. Specimen Brush
  3. Leather Gloves
  4. Leather Boots

Also, players can only interact with the dig site after picking up these items. Afterward, players must go to the eastern section of the dig site and pick up rocks.

The eastern dig site contains rocks that have simple pottery inside it.

Nevertheless, players must follow one extra step to receive the pottery from the rocks.

They must clean the rocks after they pick them up from the site to get the pottery from them.

However, players should note that the rock could also break while cleaning the rocks.

Therefore, they must use trial and error until the pottery is received from one of the rocks.

How To Verify The Item For The Display Case 22?

There is only one way to verify the received item from the rocks: The Archaeologists.

Players can locate the Archaeologists on the first floor, resting at the specimen table.

Therefore, as soon as players find the artifact, they must give it to them for verification.

The verification process of artifacts for their cases in OSRS.
The verification process of artifacts for their cases in OSRS.

Additionally, the archaeologist will also provide a brief history of the artifact achieved.

Finally, they will reveal the case number where the corresponding artifact must be placed.

Also, the placeholder of display case  22 will be updated once the archaeologists verify it.

At last, players will receive ten kudus after successfully placing the pottery in case 22.

The Bottom Line

The artifact and display cases quest is a famous OSRS quest, including multiple elements inside the Museum.

But although this quest is fun to complete, it is also one of the time-consuming ones.

Therefore, players must take online guidance to complete this quest with ease.

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