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Yenna Disappeared In BG3: Here’s How You Can Get Her Back

Are you ready to discover the enchanting world of Baldur’s Gate 3 alongside Yenna, a powerful elven mage residing in the Misty Forest’s Druid Grove?

As a key figure among the Circle of Druids, Yenna wields incredible magical abilities, and this has caused her danger.

Players have reported that Yenna has disappeared, and they cannot get her back.

To rescue the disappeared Yenna in Baldur’s Gate 3, ensure Gale, Halsin, and Lae’zel are in your party during Gortash’s coronation, keep them throughout, confront Orin, and defeat him in his lair.

This article will dive into the causes of Yenna’s disappearance and how to get her back in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Who Is Yenna?

Yenna is a powerful elven mage residing in the Druid Grove in the Misty Forest region of Faerûn.

She is a member of the Circle of Druids and acts as their leader and advisor.

yenna bg3
Yenna is a powerful elven mage.

Yenna is well over 100 years old but still appears youthful due to the long lifespan of elves.

She has spent decades studying the arcane arts and nature magic, becoming highly skilled in divination, illusion, and conjuration spells.

Yenna is a kind but stern figure dedicated to protecting the forest and its inhabitants.

She cares deeply for the Circle and will go to great lengths to ensure their safety.

However, her power and knowledge also make her a target.

Enemies desire to steal her secrets or use her against the Circle. This has put Yenna in danger on several occasions over the years.

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Where To Find Yenna In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Yenna is usually found in the Druid Grove, deep within the Misty Forest.

To reach the Grove, start from the Crossroads and head north into the forest.

Follow the winding forest path as it snakes between the towering trees.

Listen for the sounds of birds and small forest creatures to ensure you stay on track.

After about an hour of walking, you will reach a large clearing filled with tall grass, colorful wildflowers, and mushroom rings.

This is the entrance to the Druid Grove.

Yenna and the other druids use magic to conceal the true boundaries of the Grove from outsiders, so it may not be evident at first.

Look for signs of civilization, like carved standing stones or wind chimes of feathers and bones.

Follow these markers inward, and you will find a collection of wooden huts and tents nestled amongst the trees.

Here, the druids live simply and harmoniously with nature.

Yenna is usually found in the largest hut, which acts as a meeting place and library for the Circle.

Knock, and she will greet you if your intentions are peaceful.

Why Has Yenna Disappeared In Bg3?

Yenna has disappeared due to the machinations of the evil drow wizard Orin.

Orin desired to steal Yenna’s knowledge and power for his nefarious purposes.

She hatched a devious plan to kidnap the elven mage when she was alone and vulnerable.

Orin learned of Yenna’s daily ritual of meditating alone in a secluded grove far from the protection of the other druids.

She laid an ambush with several of his drow followers, striking as Yenna entered her trance.

A fierce magical battle ensued, but Yenna was overwhelmed.

orin yenna kidnap
Orin has kidnapped Yenna.

Orin knocked her unconscious and dragged her back to his hidden lair deep in the Underdark.

There, Orin began torturing and interrogating Yenna in an attempt to break her will and force her to share her secrets.

She hoped to learn powerful divination and illusion magic from her that he could use to infiltrate surface societies undetected.

However, Yenna resisted bravely despite immense suffering.

With her disappearance, the safety of the Circle and forest were now at risk from Orin’s schemes.

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How To Get Disappeared Yenna Back In BG3?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can get Yenna back: 

  1. Ensure you have Gale, Halsin, and Lae’zel in your party when attending Gortash’s coronation at the Grymforge. Do not recruit any other companions.
gortash yenna disappeared.
Attend Gortash’s coronation to free Yenna.
  1. Keep these three party members with you as you progress through Gortash’s hideout. Do not swap them out or recruit anyone else.
  2. When you first meet Orin, she will kidnap Yenna instead of one of your party members since you have the required 3 with you.
  3. Continue Yenna’s questline by investigating her letters and following clues around the Grove.
  4. Discover Orin has been impersonating Yenna to turn the party against her. If anyone claims Yenna is the imposter during the night, do not kill her.
  5. Track down Orin’s lair and engage in a climactic battle with him, defeating him to rescue the real Yenna.
  6. Once Orin has been killed, Yenna will be freed from his control unharmed. Return with her to the Grove to complete her questline.
  7. Keeping the specific party members with you forces the game to kidnap Yenna rather than killing her offscreen as it usually would if another companion was taken instead. This allows you to save both Yenna and her companions.

The Bottom Line

Step into Baldur’s Gate 3 and uncover the captivating tale of Yenna within the Misty Forest’s Druid Grove.

As Yenna mysteriously disappears, players face a challenge to retrieve her.

Follow our guide to ensure Yenna’s safe return, unveiling a thrilling tale of arcane power and resilience.

Happy Gaming!

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