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A Guide To Endless Judgement Vergil In DMC Peak Of Combat

Devil May Cry(DMC) Peak of Combat is a game with many characters and their newest addition is Vergil.

Since Vergil’s release, players have been curious about Vergil and ways to unlock him in the game.

In DMC Peak of Combat, Vergil is featured on a new limited banner called Endless Judgement which can be obtained after 90 wishes. Hence, players must quickly get him because the banner is only active for a limited time.

Continue reading this article to learn about Vergil in DMC Peak of Combat.

Who Is Vergil In DMC Peak of Combat?

DMC features a variety of characters in the game, each known for their unique personalities.

Similarly, one such character is Vergil who is a very serious-type hero compared to the rest.

Appearance-wise, he is a white-haired melee user, meaning that he is a close-range fighter.

Vergil DMC peak of combat
Players can view the in-game appearance of Vergil in the DMC peak in combat.

In the DMC community, Vergil is famous for his fast swordplay combos, which look very cool in the game.

However, he is also one of the most trolled characters as his attack animation causes frame drops during gameplay.

Nevertheless, he is one of the most famous characters in the franchise because of his criminal traits.

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How To Obtain Vergil In DMC?

DMC Peak of Combat provides a variety of ways for players to attain new characters in the game.

While some characters can be directly bought from event stores, others are tied to specific events.

Similarly, Vergil is tied with the banner event called Endless Judgement, which is a drawing event.

Here, players must make 90 wishes in the Endless Judgement banner for a chance to get Virgil.

Vergil Endless Judgement DMC
Players can only unlock Endless Judgement Vergil from this banner.

However, there is a 50% chance that when a player receives a Legendary Hunter, it will not be Vergil.

So players must be careful while spending on this event as it is quite expensive.

But they must note that this banner is only featured for a limited time (January 10-  January 25).

Will The Vergil Banner Make Its Return In DMC?

Currently, it is unknown whether this event will make its return in the future or not.

This is because Vergil is the first character that the game featured on a limited banner.

However, given the rarity of the banner and the event duration, Endless Judgement is likely a one-time event.

But if the event becomes very successful, the developers might re-launch the event in the future.

Players can join the DMC community to receive the latest news related to this topic.

But for now, players have no option but to take part in the current banner as it is active.

The Bottom Line

Players are very excited about the Endless Vergil as this is an exclusive banner of this year.

However, many are reluctant to spend on the event as they must purchase the premium in-game currency.

But those who want to get him can seek guidance from this article for the event.

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