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How To Find The Valentine Ship In Starfield?

Valentine is one of the unique spaceships in the Starfield game.

However, according to many players, they can only encounter the ship in a random event. 

To find the Valentine Ship in Starfield, players should try discovering new planets and moons. Nirra, Vega II-E, Celebrai II and Andromas V-Bare some probable locations to come across the Ship in Space Shanty event. 

Continue reading more about the Valentine Ship in Starfield and the most likely location to find it.

The Valentine In Starfield

Valentine is one of the many ships players can find while exploring various planets and moons.

However, players are currently discovering the ship in the ship while they unlock new planets and systems.

Players will enter the Ship in the Space Shanty event, which occurs randomly.

If players have someone come across the Valentine ship, they can listen to a beautiful song sung by the pilot.

Space shanty
Search for Valentine’s ship to listen to a song.

According to many fans of Starfield, the song is the best moment in the game.

He mentions his ship has dent around due to battles and has an old engine; however, he still trusts his machine.

The pilot describes his lost love and how he misses New Atlantis, the Capital city of the United Colonies.

Moreover, he justifies his pain of wandering through the solar system and confesses to some of his sins.

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Searching Valentine Ship In Starfield

Finding the Valentine Ship is actually a fun gaming experience rather than a mandatory mission in Starfield.

Nonetheless, players can come across the ship to listen to a beautiful song by following the procedure;

1. Explore New Planets

Players should try to explore new Planets and moons in the solar system to engage in the Space Shanty event in the Starfield.

However, the Valentine ship’s occurrence time and location can differ from player to player.

2. Travel To Different Location

Many players have found the Singing ship in the various planets and moons, including, Nirra, the rocky Planet in the Narion System.

Moreover, other players can also find the ship in Vega II-E moon in the Vega system.

Vega II-E moon
Find Valentine in Vega II-E moon.

Also, search for the ship in the Celebrai II of the Celebrai system and Andromas V-B, Andromas System.

3. Listen The Song

Coming across the old ship will give players a beautiful moment thanks to the wonderful song sung by the pilot.

The pilot sings the Starfield version of Wellerman(Sea Sanity) by Nathan Evans.

The song is long so that players can relive the moment for a while.

4. Interact With The Pilot

If players take their spaceship close enough to the Valentine and lock the target.

Further, players should hail the spaceship to listen to incoming transmission.

the valentine starfield
Hail the Valentine spaceship.

Players can deploy the outbound transmissions and compliment him about the song.

the valentine starfield
Deploy outbound transmission to the Sea Shanty singer.

Players can continue the conversation by choosing or just exiting the transmission mode.

If players compliment the song, the pilot will be pleased and remove his spaceship.

The Bottom Line

The Valentine is a unique and old ship that occurs in the Space Shanty event in a random order.

Thanks to the beautiful song sung by the pilot players can enjoy and have a blissful gaming experience.

Nirra, Vega II-E, and Celebrai II are a few locations where players can explore to extract the ship and enjoy the song.

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