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Do Malignant Hearts Stack In Diablo 4?

The item “Malignant Hearts” is only available in Diablo 4 Season 1: Season of the Malignant.

These objects can summon creatures that drop equippable Caged Hearts, which can be used to strengthen your build.

It’s been a concerning topic whether or not players can stack Malignant Hearts in Diablo 4.

During the Season of Malignant, Malignant Hearts are necessary for both powerful new constructions and achieving Season Objectives to receive prizes.

This article provides information on different sorts of Malignant Hearts in Diablo 4 and whether Malignant Hearts stack.

What Is Malignant Hearts?

Malignant Hearts are a brand-new category of socketed items introduced in Diablo 4 Season 1. They have unique benefits, much like gems and legendary aspects.

Moreover, when socketed into jewelry, Malignant Hearts, potent artifacts dropped by Malignant Elites, can give your character build-enabling effects.

Therefore, these Hearts are a significant source of player power this season, providing both damage reduction and skill enhancement.

Additionally, players can kill and summon Malignant Elites, typically located in Malignant Tunnels and dispersed across Sanctuary, to provide these Hearts.

After that, the monster will drop its Heart for you to socket into your jewelry. If you kill it, activate its Heart, then kill it again.

There are four types of Malignant Hearts;

  1. Blue (Brutal): Defensive modifications that raise one’s capacity for survival or defense.
  2. Purple (Devious): Utility mods that enhance status effects or improve quality of life.
  3. Orange (Vicious): Offensive modifications that boost damage output.
  4. Gray(Wrathful): Super modifiers that, like Unique items, are often build-enabling.
Do Malignant Hearts Stack
Malignant Hearts come in four colors, each with a specific type of effect.

Where To Get Malignant Hearts?

Malignant Tunnels will be your greatest bet for discovering Malignant Hearts.

These Sanctuary core dungeon modifications are indicated with a green leaf icon.

Thus, you can always force a particular kind of Malignant Elite to spawn in these dungeons.

Moreover, they always produce at least three Malignant Elites and an Overgrowth event. This method of calling an Elite requires an invoker.

However, you must employ Malignant Invokers to interact with Outgrowths of the same sort after these Malignant Tunnel dungeons.

Once you defeat it, you’ll get a Malignant Heart with the same type as the monster.

Additionally, players can make these Hearts at special workbenches around Sanctuary’s central core regions.

You can also break down undesired Hearts into materials for creating new Hearts and invokers with these workbenches.

Moreover, you can use Ichor to make Malignant Hearts at Corman’s Workbench.

Ichor is a resource you obtain by finishing seasonal quests or killing monsters in the Malignant Tunnel.

In addition, defeating the Echo of Varshan will reward you with a Malignant Heart.

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Do Malignant Hearts Stack?

No, Malignant Hearts do not stack in Diablo 4. They are a type of consumable item that players can acquire in the Malignant Tunnels.

However, if the player has more than one Malignant Heart, the more Malignant Hearts will not raise the player’s maximum health.

The player can only enhance their maximum health above the default amount by using items with the Life stat.

These items can be acquired from vendors, as quest rewards, or dropped by opponents.

In Diablo 4, the following items can raise the player’s maximum health:

  • Lifestones: A type of jewelry called a life stone can raise a player’s maximum health.
  • Life Regeneration: It is a stat on several types of armor. Over time, the player gradually regains a little quantity of health.
  • Life On Hit: This stat may be found on armor and weapons. Every time they strike an enemy, it results in a tiny health recovery for the player.

However, you can apply all of the Malignant Hearts to any World Tier in the Season Realm.

You deal 7–12% more damage for 3–10 seconds with each distinct element with which you do damage for each second.

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The Bottom Line

Malignant Hearts, a consumable item, can raise the player’s maximum health.

They can be crafted at Corman’s Workbench using Ichor or obtained as drops from monsters in the Malignant Tunnels.

Additionally, Malignant Hearts are priceless items that can increase a player’s survivability.

Therefore, they are necessary for creating some of the best in-game products.

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