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Does Google Bard Have An App?

Google Bard is a conversational Chatbot developed by Google Inc based on PaLM or Pathways Language Model.

Google Bard is a powerful conversational AI that currently does not have a mobile version. However, the Google Bard app will be coming out very soon.

Moreover, the language is capable of tasks such as common sense reasoning, arithmetic reasoning, joke explanation, code generation and translation.

This article will discuss more about Google Bard, its features, API pricing and whether it has an app.

Does Google Bard Have An App?

Bard is a user-friendly AI that gives human-like responses. Currently, Google Bard is only available in the browser version.

Introduction to Google Bard
Introduction to Google Bard

The Company has instead stated that they are working on a mobile version of the technology and will release it in the near future.

Exciting Features Of Google Bard

Though we do not know the app’s details yet, many features are expected based on the browser version.

Here are some exciting features of Google Bard;

  • Text Generation: The application will generate text in different formats, such as articles, essays, poems, scripts etc. It will be helpful in various academic, creative and professional tasks.
  • Translation: The application will also feature Language translation functions. It will be highly useful in learning new languages and communicating with different people all around the world.
  • Answering Questions: Google Bard’s answering feature is the most used function of the platform.  It has the capability of answering flexible, challenging and unusual questions. The same feature will be available in the application as well.
  • Coding: Bard is like a professional coder that can write and debug codes.
  • Data Visualization: Bard can help you create infographics using its massive data reservoir and the internet.
  • Access To Google Services: Being a Google technology, Bard is made to access the Google services like Docs, Drive, Gmail and Maps by default. This feature can enhance Google ecosystem integration.
  • Customized Responses: Bard will be able to know your preferences, your style of conversation and your likes and dislikes. Eventually, it will respond to you in a tailor-crafted manner.

Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, introduces the all-new conversational AI Bard.

google ceo tweet about bard
Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai introduces Bard as the latest Dailogue application.

The technology is new but developing rapidly, so people supporting different AI will further boost the development process. This new era is only going to go uphill from here.

Continue reading to find out about ChatGPT Vs Google Bard, accessing Google Bard, and Google Bard API pricing.

How To Use Google Bard?

It is more than simple to get your Google Bard to work. You just have to get a Google account and be over 18.

Then, go to the Google Bard website and click on Try Bard.

google bard menu
Try Google Bard to access all of its features.

Finally, you can ask away anything from what you are curious about to your problems.

bard ask ui
Ask away your new AI assistant, Google Bard.

The mobile application for Google Bard will hopefully launch soon and have the same models as the browser version.

So, the working of the mobile version will be similar to what is currently available.

The Bottom Line

Google Bard is being marketed as a more human-friendly alternative to an AI Chatbot.

Although the Bard mobile app is not available at the moment, the mobile version will be coming very soon.

Therefore, keep your eyes peeled to have your friendly assistant on your mobile everywhere you go.

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