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Google Bard API Pricing – What You Should Know

Google has been the frontrunner in all these advancements in the artificial intelligence world.

They recently introduced a powerful conventional Chatbot called Google Bard. 

Google Bard API can be integrated into many projects. The pricing structure has not been determined. However, it is most likely a pay-per-use model.

With the Google Bard API, developers can use this impressive AI Chatbot in their projects.

This article will discuss Google Bard API, its functionalities, and its pricing structure.

Introduction To Google Bard API

Google Bard API is an interface that will allow developers to integrate the Bard Chatbot into their applications or projects.

google bard menu
Try Google Bard to access all of its features.

Moreover, Google Bard can access the internet and draws information from the vast information in the Google web space.

With Google Bard API, developers access a powerful tool to enhance user experiences and offer unique functionalities. 

The Power Of Google Bard API In Code Development

There are a good amount of features that make the Google Bard API the choice of many developers.

  1. The AI has been trained on a massive text and code data set. It can generate information that is both creative and informative.
  2. It also has the power to process both text and images.
  3. The Bard API can generate code in a variety of programming languages.
  4. It can also help to integrate other Google apps and services such as Docs, Gmail, Drive and so on.

Google Bard API Pricing Structure

Although the Google Bard Chatbot is free for all users even though it is in its experimental phase.

The Google Bard API is also in its beta testing phase and is only available to a limited number of users.

Therefore, there is no information about the pricing structure of the Google Bard API. However, it is expected to be a pay-per-use model.

So, developers will be charged for every API they integrate into their projects.

According to Google Bard itself, some factors could affect its pricing structures.

  • The amount of data processed by API
  • The number of requests made to the API
  • Length of time that the API is used

How To Integrate The Google Bard API?

There are a number of ways in which you can integrate the Google Bard API into your platform.

1. Create A Google Cloud Platform Account

You can integrate the Google Bard API by creating a google cloud platform account.

However, you must select one of the pricing models or start your free trial to create a google cloud account.

According to Google Bard, here’s how to integrate the Bard API using a Google Cloud Platform account.

google bard api integration method
The process to integrate Bard API using a google cloud account

2. Use A RESTful API

If you have the URL of the API and the required parameters, you can easily integrate Bard API.

3. Use A Third-Party Library

Another method would be the use of third-party libraries like FastAPI. It is an open-source web framework that simplifies the interaction with Bard.

Google Bard API is currently not available to integrate for all users. 

However, you can always check Reddit or Twitter for more information on future releases.

Continue reading to learn more about using Google Bard and ChatGPT Vs Google Bard.

The Bottom Line

Google Bard API is a powerful AI many developers can benefit from integrating into their projects.

Although, the exact API pricing information is not available right now. It most likely will be based on the pay-per-use model.

Continue reading to discover whether ChatGPT offers an API and its pricing.
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