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Does The Dusk Bow Break ToTK? Repair Guide

Developed by Nintendo, Zelda-Tears of the Kingdom is an action-packed role-playing game (RPG). The game is the new entry for the Zelda Franchise.

The Dusk Bow is a great starter weapon with great stats. However, players of Totk have found that the Bow loses durability and breaks. But you can repair it again using the Rock Octorok.

Continue reading to discover how the Dusk Bow breaks and how to obtain it again.

Does The Dusk Bow Break In TotK?

The Dusk Bow is a legendary Bow first introduced in Twilight Princess. The Bow was once owned by Princess Zelda herself.

The game referred to the Dusk Bow as the Bow of Light in its previous iteration.

Furthermore, when Nintendo first introduced the Bow, it was unbreakable. However, in its current iteration, the Dusk Bow does break.

Moreover, the Dusk Bow boasts a high base damage of 30 and a durability of 40. Moreover, the Bow has one of the highest ranges for Bows, with a range of 40.

However, the Dusk Bow does break after losing all its durability. But you can repair it using Rock Octoroks.

Steps To Repair The Dusk Bow In TotK

Here are a few steps to repair the Dusk Bow after it breaks;

  1. Fuse the Dusk Bow with a normal Bow. 
  2. Go to Eldin Mountains and find a Rock Octorok
  3. Place the weapon in front of the Rock Octorok. 
  4. The Rock Octorok will suck the weapon inside. 
  5. After a certain period, Rock Octorok will throw the weapon out. 
  6. The item will have a different effect but will have its durability restored.

The Dusk Bow is also obtainable in The Tears of the Kingdom in three ways. 

The first method is through scanning an Amiibo. In the Amiibo system, the player needs to scan the Super Smash Bros version of Zelda.

Additionally, the Amiibo rewards the players with the following items;

  1. Princess of Twilight Paraglider Fabric
  2. Dusk Bow
  3. Soldier’s Bow
  4. Knight’s Bow
  5. Assorted Gems
  6. Assorted Herbs

Alternative Methods Of Obtaining The Dusk Bow

As mentioned above, Amiibo is not the only method of obtaining the Dusk Bow. Here are alternative methods of obtaining the Dusk Bow.

1. First Method

You will need a good amount of stamina for this method. Follow these steps to obtain the Dusk Bow in TotK;

  1. First, head to Lookout Landing.
Lookout Landing
Lookout Landing Area Map
  1. After reaching the Lookout Landing, head towards the Lookout Landing tower.
Lookout Landing Tower
Head toward Lookout Landing Tower.
  1. Propel yourself towards the sky using the tower’s blast feature.
Lookout Landing Propel Area
Lookout Landing Propel Area
  1. Head towards the top of the Hyrule Castle.
Hyrule Castle Map Area
Head towards the Hyrule Castle
  1. If you don’t have enough stamina, use food to increase your stamina.
  2. You will notice a damaged area at the top of the tower when you get closer.
Damaged Area In Hyrule Castle
Damaged Area In Hyrule Castle
  1. Land on the damaged area.
  2. You will find the Dusk Bow there.
Dusk Bow break totk
Obtaining The Dusk Bow

Additionally, the Dusk Bow respawns in the same area after every Blood Moon.

This means the player needs to only wait until the next Blood Moon to re-obtain the weapon again. 

However, the players can re-obtain the weapon using another method. 

2. Second Method

If the player does not want to wait until a new Blood Moon, then they can follow the following steps to re-obtain the Dusk Bow again.

Follow the steps below to re-obtain the Dusk Bow again;

  1. Head to the Lookout landing.
Lookout Landing Map area
Lookout Landing to find the statue
  1. Interact with the Poe Statue and ask the statue for a Brethren’s Location.
Brethren's Location to buy the Dusk Bow
Brethren’s Location to buy the Dusk Bow
  1. Enter the Depths through the Hyrule Field Chasm.
Entering the depths through Hyrule Chasm
Enter the depths through the Hyrule Field Chasm.
  1. Once you enter the depths, Head southeast towards the Plains Bargainer Statue.
Plains Bargainer Statue Location
Plains Bargainer Statue Location to buy the Dusk Bow
  1. Interact with the statue and offer Poes to buy the Dusk Bow again.
Statue Interaction
Interact with the statue to buy the Dusk Bow again.

The Bottom Line

The Dusk Bow is a great starter weapon with great stats and the ability to hit enemies with elemental damage and regular attacks simultaneously. 

Hopefully, this guide has assisted you in obtaining the Dusk Bow and has provided you with methods to re-obtain it if you break it.

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