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Email Username And Password Clue In Supernormal

Supernormal is a new horror mystery game where players have to find clues to retrieve the password for the truth.

But many players are having trouble finding these clues as they are mentioned very vaguely in the game.

In Supernormal, collecting all the clues reveals that the login name of the email is Mark2009 and its corresponding password is SWEETPJK. However, collecting clues for these answers requires players to visit specific locations inside the apartment.

Continue reading this article to discover clues to the Email and password in Supernormal.

What Is Supernormal?

Supernormal is the newest horror mystery game that takes place inside an apartment.

The game’s objective is for players to unravel the location of Sakamoto’s daughter, Sophia.

To do so, players must collect several clues scattered inside the house to solve the game’s mystery.

ghost girl in supernormal
The Ghost Girl inside the apartment is Supernormal.

However, it is not easy as players will discover an eerie Ghost Girl inside the apartment.

Players should avoid the ghost girl at all times as getting caught by her results in instantaneous death.

Hence, players must become aware of their surroundings at all times to avoid the ghost girl and to find clues.

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What Is Supernormal Email And Password?

Supernormal is a multi-phase game that updates when players advance to the next phase.

During the last phases of the game, players are asked to find the correct email username and password.

password supernormal
Players should find a clue about the Email and Password.

However, players must note that the email name clue phase precedes the password phase in the game.

To find all the clues scattered around the apartment, players must access the surveillance camera.

Also, since the game has a looping mechanism, players might encounter new clues each time while using the camera.

For the ease, the answers to the Email name and the Password are provided below:

  • Email Username: Mark2009
  • Password: SWEETPJK

Finally, players must use the laptop and input these answers to read Sophia’s message on the last page.

Locations Of Password Clues In Supernormal

The table below will display the exact locations of all the password clues in Supernormal.

LocationPassword Clue
Turn Off the bathroom light when it is flashing1 S
Go to kitchen and turn off the light switch5 T
Interact with the hallway switch upstairs2 W
Apprach the bedroom table and interact with the lightswitch on hallway upstairs6 P
Head downstairs twice and turn off the light switch next to the fireplace3 E
Go to the living room and interact with the switch7 J
Head upstairs and interact with the switch infront of the bedroom8 K
Head downstairs, let the cutscene end and interact with the switch above the right couch(living room)4 E

The Bottom Line

The laptop email and password are the endgame phase of the game and the most difficult one.

Players find avoiding the ghost girl while searching for clues very frustrating in the game.

Hopefully, this article will aid players in giving the correct location of these clues.

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