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New World: Complete The Quest Dowsing For Answers

The quest in New World “Dowsing For Answers” is causing a fuss among the players of the New World  Community.

New World is known for its ever-evolving quests and challenges which excite the players to move forward with this game. 

Similarly, from battling savage beasts roaming inside the city to completing multiple quests, the game prepares players for adventures.

In New World, one of the quests called “Dowsing For Answer ” is creating confusion inside the gaming community; many players suspect that the quest has some errors.

Continue reading to know more about issues of Dowsing For Answers Quest.

New World: Dowsing For Answers Quest And Its Errors

 New World has been one of the most thrilling adventure games in the forever-evolving world of the Aeternum.

However, during the quest “Dowsing For Answers” New World has left the whole gaming community angry. 

The quest has the mission to complete “Distract the Blighted and give cover for the Sun’s Escape” before moving to the next one. 

Nevertheless, the “Dowsing For Answers” quest in New World is frustrating players due to its inactivity.

Players have reported waiting for more than 6 hours, and nothing is spawning and triggering this quest.

After taking a glance at the Reddit and Steam communities, it’s clear that this quest is bugged.

Moreover, players are concerned about this quest, with most believing that they should not waste their time.

This could negatively impact the game as the frustration grows daily among its users.

Hence, New World should handle this issue immediately, as gamers eagerly await the developers’ resolution to this bug.

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Resolve This Bug: Seek Support From The Gaming Community

Players encounter this kind of bug once in a while while playing quests inside New World.

Similarly, when players encounter this kind of error,  they should look for solutions in game forums and platforms.

Players can visit Reddit and the Steam Community to comprehend the issue and discover potential solutions to most of these bugs.

Moreover, according to the Auto Moderator on Reddit, players need to report the bugs using the in-game feedback tool.

Further, players have to make developers aware of the problem by including the relevant data from the make.

This can be done by posting the bugs on the official New World Discord or Contacting the support of the official support site.

Additionally, they can post their comment on the official Rise of the Angry Earth Bugs Mega thread to inform the developers.

Seeking solutions from the developers is the right choice to handle the bugs that player encounters in the game.

Dowsing For Answers New World Bugged: Solution

After browsing Reddit comments, a potential solution to address this issue and proceed with the quests may have been found.

One of the players from the gaming community might have found an interesting quick fix to this frustrating bug.

To resolve this issue,  it is mandatory to change the server of the game as it is the server event spawn issue.

Dowsing For Answers New World Bugged
Players  should change their character world to Canis.

Players can change their servers by choosing the “Character Transfer” Option from the Menu and selecting the word “Canis. “

Upon changing the server to EU Central, the quest should immediately work, and you can make your way to the INISH GLORY CAMP.

After that, players make their way to “Dowsing For Answers” where they have to distract Blighted and provide cover for Sun’s Escape.

dowsing for answers new world
The player should fight with Mere Fiend in New World.

Similarly, players have to fight with a group of creatures, “Mire Fiend,” during the Dowsing For Answers Quest.

However, this solution may not be accessible to everyone as it might be related to server-specific event issues.

The Bottom Line

In New World, Dowsing for Answers Quest has left gamers frustrated due to the quest’s inactivity.

While some of the players found a solution to this issue, this bug poses a great challenge to many players.

In summary, developers have to quickly address this issue and maintain the overall quality of the user’s gaming experience.

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