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Chromatic Seal In New World: How To Obtain It?

Chromatic Seal in New World is a new crafting material that players can use to get great gear. 

Furthermore, players can obtain the seal by simply interacting with the content of the game. 

Chromatic Seal in New World is obtainable by purchasing it from the faction vendors. However, players must use faction seals to purchase. This material is able to craft a base gear with a gear score of 700. 

This article discusses the Chromatic Seal and the method of obtaining it in the New World.

What Is Chromatic Seal In The New World? 

Chromatic Seal is one of the crafting materials that players can obtain in the New World. 

New World introduced the crafting material in the recent expansion, “Rise Of The Angry Earth.” 

Since its debut, New World has been slowly getting consistent updates to improve the game. 

Furthermore, similar to many of the games that debuted in 2021, New World also had its own ups and downs. 

Thus, the consistent expansions from the developers are a breath of fresh air for the gaming community. 

The recent expansion also added a few more mechanics other than just the Chromatic Seal. 

If you want to look into all the additions to the game in the new expansion, please head to the official website and look into them to stay up to date. 

chromatic seal in new world expansion
New world expansion adds the chromatic seal.
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How To Obtain Chromatic Seal In New World? 

Players can obtain Chromatic seals from the faction vendor. Thus, players must be in a faction to purchase the legendary seal. 

They must spend a combination of faction seals and Gold to purchase the Chromatic Seal.

But the game caps the number of faction seals you can have simultaneously.

Moreover, players must increase their rating with the factions to increase the cap. 

New World has three factions: The Marauders, the Covenant and the Syndicate

Players can choose any of the factions and then progress through the game while completing the faction missions. 

After they complete the faction missions, they will earn the faction seals corresponding to their faction. 

Then, they must head to the faction vendor to purchase the Chromatic Seal.

Moreover, the seal will cost the players 20,000 Faction seals and 5,000 Gold

Thus, it is better to complete a good amount of faction missions to accumulate enough faction seals to purchase the Chromatic Seal every time it refreshes. 

legendary crafting item chromatic seal new world
The Chromatic Seal in New World is a legendary crafting item.

Additionally, the Chromatic seals will refresh once per day. Thus, players cannot simply buy multiple of them at a time. 

Furthermore, in “Rise of the Angry Earth,” players can find new content other than just the Chromatic seal in New World. 

Other contents include New Mounts New Weapons, New Progression system and many more. 

Uses Of Chromatic Seal In New World

The major use of Chromatic seals is to get a crafting recipe for gear with a gear score of 700

That means the seal is one of the best ways to get to the max gear score in New World. Thus, it is even more worth the investment. 

Here is a small list of recipes that players can purchase using the Chromatic Seal in New World: 

Chromatic Seal Recipes At The Gypsum Kiln
1Ankh Upgrade
2Lost Stopwatch Upgrade
3Blood Drinker Upgrade
4Endless Thirst Upgrade
5Tumbler Feet wraps Upgrade
6Featherweight Upgrade
7Grey Wizard's Hat Upgrade
8Attuned Upgrade
9Ghoul Gloves Upgrade
10Nimble Coat Upgrade

From the above table, we can see that the items are in the artifact crafting tier.

However, players can also get recipes for items in the named item crafting tier.

Thus, it is a great method of getting the item that you want using the Chromatic.

Lastly, as mentioned before, you can obtain the seal once a day.

Therefore, players need a proper plan of how to use the Chromatic Seals in the New World. 

Furthermore, there are more items that players must obtain to craft the items using the recipe.

Thus, it is better to look into the details of the recipe before purchasing the Chromatic Seal. 

The Bottom Line

The Chromatic seal is a new way of allowing players to gear up and tackle the various content that New World offers. 

Furthermore, this is a great way for returning players to catch up with regular players.

However, they will not hand it out to the players, rather, they will make the players interact with various content to keep them in the loop.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning more about the Chromatic Seal in the New World. 

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