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Crowned Rotseed New World: The Ultimate Guide

New World is a multiplayer game where players build a civilization in a cursed land.

Crowned Rotseed is an enemy found in the Isle of Zurvan, New World.

In New World, Crowned Rotseed is a powerful enemy, and you must defeat him 30 times to improve your artifact. You will get to encounter the Angry Earth creature only after reaching level 70.

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What Is The Angry Earth In The New World?

In New World, the Angry Earth is a type of enemy. Furthermore, it imitates the form of humans or animals they see.

Some are more humanoid, some are constructed to be a monstrosity.

However, the Angry Earths amass themselves to fight back from what they consider an infection.

Rise of the angry earth new world2
The Angry Earth fights back against the people who come to corrupt it.

The Elysian Wilds boasts lush greenery, powerful combat options, and primordial Beast Lords awaiting those brave enough to challenge Artemis.

Artemis and the Angry Earth have ravaged the region formerly known as First Light.

However, this abundance of earthly powers has awakened the mighty Beast Lords, a new possible adversary facing the people of Aeternum.

But with them also comes a boon, the secret to taming and riding animals.

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Who Is Crowned Rotseed In The New World?

In the cursed land of the New World, one can come across the Crowned Rotseed, an enemy that must be faced.

Furthermore, to unlock this quest, you must reach level 70.

Zone filter isle of zurvan new world
The Zone Map of the Isle of Zurvan in the New World.

Villages and people in the area face an uncertain future due to a barrier that prevents exploration and is deadly.

The strong natural forces woke up some very powerful beasts who might hurt the people of Aeternum.

How To Craft Rapier Finisher Artifact?

Artifacts are powerful weapons and armor that have unique names and perks.

However, One can craft them at the Forge or the Arcane Repository, depending on the type of item.

Defeat Vanash, Sporebound Bore, and Crowned Rotseed to craft the Rapier Finisher Artifact.

Firstly you must farm the Rapier Finisher Artifact in New World.

Secondly, find the farm spot for Montrapala the Unruled, the mammoth that drops the Rapier.

rapier finisher artifact new world
The spot for Montrapala the Unruled, the mammoth that drops the Rapier finisher Artifact.

For this, you can ride to the Shrine of Orion in Mourningdale.

How To Defeat Crowned Rotseed In New World?

To improve the artifacts, you must defeat the Crowned Rotseed. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, explore the island and wait for the time to be over for the Lion Lord to return.
  2. To reach the Isle of Zurvan, you must ascend the mountain and cross the second gate.
  3. Further, reach out to the specific location where the Crowned Rotseed summons.
  4. Then, equip your weapon like Flail, Scorpion Sting, and Odo to defeat the Crowned Rotseed.
  5. The Flail is a versatile one-handed weapon with the option for an offhand shield.
new world defeating crowned rotseed
Defeat Crowned Rotseed to improve the ability of Finisher.
  1. Furthermore, use arcane magic to enhance attacks and buff allies or debuff enemies for an easier victory.
  2. To improve the ability of the artifact, you can upgrade this artifact at Gypsum Kiln. 

The Bottom Line

However, you can defeat Crowned Rotseed using weapons like Flial or Scorpion Sting.

You can craft the Rapier Artifact after defeating Vanash, and Sporebound bore.

You must defeat the Crowned Rotseed to upgrade the Artifact at Gypsum Kiln.

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