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Know Everything About The DraftKings Glitch

DraftKings is an online sports betting platform that experiences frequent technical issues, such as glitches and outages.

Many users of this platform are steaming on the internet as they stake their real money for bets.

DraftKings, an online sports betting platform is full of glitches like: login glitch, verification glitch, and even payout glitch. Hence, many users only use the app for the bonus bets and leave the platform soon after.

Continue reading this article to learn about different glitches in DraftKing.

Introduction Of DraftKings And Its Glitches

DraftKings is a popular sports betting platform that is popular for USA-based leagues like NBA and NFL.

Moreover, they have a unique draft game that allows players to create their own lineup to compete with other players.

Nevertheless, the platform is a victim of complaints as users are criticizing them on social media.

However, no one other than DraftKings is to blame as the platform is full of glitches and bugs.

Therefore, they are slowly losing customers as users are slowly losing faith in the platform’s services.

In general, there are three major issues on the platform that users face constantly. 

1. DraftKings Login Glitch

DraftKings records login issues more than anything on the app according to multiple server reports websites.

In fact, they recorded 46% of login issues on the platform as per DownDetector‘s stats reports.

Login issues in DraftKings Downdetector
Report of Login issues in DraftKings as per Downdetector.

According to users, they cannot log in to the app even after typing in the correct login credentials.

Additionally, they are just stuck on the login page with a spinning loading icon for ages.

Therefore, users cannot enter the platform to place their bets or use any of their services.

Also, some users are forcefully logged out from the platform, compelling them to log in again.

2. DraftKings Verification Glitch

The Verification glitch in DraftKings is the most annoying one as it consumes the most time.

According to a user on a Reddit thread, the app keeps on refreshing the Verification page.

Draftkings verfification glitch
DraftKings verification glitch described by a Reddit user.

Additionally, the platform asks the user to upload the verification documents again and again.

Some users have also reported that the app still asks them for verification even after getting the verified mail.

Moreover, the platform displays an error message saying that they have exceeded the photo upload limit.

Hence, users are frustrated as they are forced to repeat the same process repeatedly even when it is complete.

3. DraftKings Payout Glitch?

The payout glitch is a double-edged sword where the user either enjoys more money or loses it.

In general, the payout glitch occurs when users try to withdraw the accumulated amount during live matches.

According to users, the platform takes a long time for the withdraw button to function, disabling them from winning money.

Additionally, some cases were also reported online that the app logged them out when trying to withdraw the winnings.

On the other hand, some users have also benefitted from this bet as they could even refund the lost bets.

Regardless of the outcomes, a glitch is still a hassle at the end of the day that inflicts more harm.

Is DraftKings A Scam?

No, DraftKings is not a scam but a legitimate website that offers its services to its customers.

In fact, they also cover up for user losses if it is related to software faulty issues.

Additionally, it also sponsors many professional teams to collaborate with them to provide new offers.

Therefore, users must not think of it as a scam if they occasionally face some bugs or glitches.

The Bottom Line

DraftKings remains one of the top betting platforms even after all these glitches on the platform.

Hence, they are constantly utilizing their platform to make it a stable betting platform for all users.

Therefore, users can help this cause by reporting the issue when they face it on DraftKings.

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