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Dragon Ball The Breakers Maintenance: Reasons And Duration

Dragon Ball The Breakers is currently in maintenance after the recent update.

Furthermore, the new update brought the addition of a new raider and various new skins and additions to the game.

Dragon Ball The Breakers is currently in maintenance for about two and a half hours. Furthermore, according to the developers, the maintenance is due to an issue with matchmaking.

This article discusses the reasons for Dragon Ball The Breaker’s maintenance.

What Is Dragon Ball The Breakers?

Dragon Ball the Breakers is a survival game based on the Dragon Ball universe.

The game debuted in 2020 and has a mixed review on Steam.

Furthermore, the game provides players with various characters to choose from.

During the game’s playthrough, players must choose one of many characters of the Dragon Ball series and survive against a raider.

The raiders are typically antagonists like Frieza, Cell and the recent addition of Broly.

Thus, players can see some of their favorite characters and even play them in the game.

Furthermore, the game follows similar mechanics to the game Dead by Daylight.

This means players who have played Dead by Daylight will grasp its mechanics quite quickly.

Dragon ball the breakers fourth season
Dragon Ball The Breakers is currently running its fourth season.

Is Dragon Ball The Breakers In Maintenance?

Yes! Dragon Ball, the breakers game, is currently in maintenance. 

According to their official X account, the game went on maintenance at 5:00 AM CET or 21:00 PDT.

Furthermore, during the maintenance duration, players cannot log into the game.

Thus, players can simply wait out the duration of the maintenance if there are no issues while the maintenance goes on.

Moreover, the maintenance comes after the recent season update for the game.

Since the game is a survival game, the updates bring in new characters. In the recent update, they added a new raider, “Broly.”

However, the game seems to have encountered a few issues after the patch, causing the game to go into maintenance mode.

Dragon the breakers raiders and characters
Players can play as characters and raiders in Dragon Ball The Breakers.
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Reasons For Dragon Ball The Breakers Maintenance

There are multiple reasons for the game to go on maintenance.

Furthermore, the developers have not given an exact reason for the maintenance.

Thus, the reasons we have are a speculation for the maintenance.

Here is a list of potential reasons for Dragon Ball The Breakers maintenance:

1. Matchmaking Issue

According to their X account, the main reason for the maintenance is the matchmaking issue that arose a few hours ago.

Thus, while the developers did try to solve it without maintenance, it seems it was not possible to do so.

Moreover, since the game requires multiple players to team up and survive, any issue with matchmaking can significantly hinder the game experience.

2. Potential Character Bug

In the new update, the game saw the addition of new raiders and a new survivor skin.

In some instances, the interaction with characters can cause specific bugs that can be game-breaking.

Thus, this can also be a good reason for the ongoing maintenance.

3. Server Issue

Server issues are one of the main reasons any game goes into maintenance after an update.

However, in the case of Dargon Ball The Breakers game, it can stem from the fact that matchmaking is currently facing specific issues.

Thus, server and matchmaking issues can be the main reason for the ongoing maintenance.

The developers are working on the maintenance and will update the players on the progress soon.

Furthermore, they have stated that the maintenance will last about two and a half hours.

Thus, players can expect the game to be up in around half an hour of this article.

The Bottom Line

Maintenance is a key factor for ensuring the game or any website and service stays in shape.

Thus, in the case of Dragon Ball The Breakers, the maintenance allows the game developers to look into existing issues and uncover underlying issues.

Hopefully, this article can give you an insight into the reasons for the maintenance of Dragon Ball the Breakers.

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