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Complete Guide To Shard Of Dawn Offensive Aspect

There are many offensive aspects in the first seasonal event of Diablo 4, the Midwinter Blight.

The Shard of Dawn is one of the offensive aspects that is obtained as a reward in this limited-time event.

Players can get the exclusive Shard of Dawn Offensive aspect during the Midwinter Blight event. The aspect provides a significant temporary boost to attack speed and movement speed.

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What Is Shard Of Dawn Offensive Aspect?

The new Shard of Dawn offensive aspect is a reward from the seasonal limited-time event in Diablo 4.

It provides 25 to 35% attack speed while active and 20% movement speed that lasts for 12 seconds.

Further, it’s also very attainable as it needs only 10 of the new currency which is 10 Midwinter Proofs to get one Shard of Dawn.

Likewise, players can get it from Gileon, who is the vendor in the Midwinter Blight.

Shard of Dawn Offensive aspect
Shard of Dawn is an offensive aspect in the new season of Diablo 4.

Players can also use this offensive aspect even after the event ends as it stays on your character.

Furthermore, this aspect can be used in many builds in Diablo 4.

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How To Get Shard Of Dawn In Diablo 4?

Players can get Shard of Dawn during the Midwinter Blight seasonal event in Diablo 4.

The event will last until 2 January 2024 from December 12, 2023.

During this event, players can earn Midwinter Proofs, a new seasonal currency that is needed to purchase the Shard of Dawn.

Further, it costs 10 Midwinter Proofts to get one Shard of Dawn aspect.

Go to Midwinter Square in Kyovashad, speak to Gileon the Bard, and purchase a Shard of Dawn Legendary Aspect.

Where Can Players Use Shard Of Dawn Offensive Aspect?

The Shard of Dawn Offensive aspect is a legendary and exclusive aspect with many benefits.

Players can use this aspect for various purposes in the game and some of the main reasons include:

1. To Craft Weapons

Players can use it to craft or enhance weapons and armor that deal with ice damage or have ice-related effects.

Further, the Shard of Dawn aspect can be used on Gloves, Amulets, Rings, 1-handed and 2-handed weapons.

Moreover, it increases the power of Amulets by 50% and 2H weapons by 100%.

2. To Create Builds

The Shard of Dawn aspect can also be used to create powerful builds for the Sorcerer class.

Further, the builds include Frost Witch, the Elementalist, and the Blizzard Sorcerer.

These builds use skills like Blizzard, Ice Shard, Frozen Orb, and Glacial Aspect to freeze and shatter enemies with ice spikes.

Moreover, it is useful for other classes that want to add some ice damage or resistance to the gear.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, the Shard of Dawn is an exclusive offensive aspect that players can get only during this event.

It gives a substantial temporary boost to attack speed and movement speed.

Further, it grants players with Dawn’s haste after 30 seconds of Night’s Grasp.

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