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How To Get Aura Slide In Xenoverse 2?

Dragonball Xenoverse 2 is a fighting game that features many thrilling actions, battles and tons of skills.

One of the significant features the game introduces is the ability to use super skills.

Aura Slide is a super skill in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Players can obtain this skill from the Skill Shop, similar to other skills, and it costs about 1000 Zenies or 170 TP Medals.

This article examines the Aura Slide in Xenoverse 2 and how to obtain it.

What Is Aura Slide In Xenoverse 2?

Aura Slide is a super skill available for Goku Black and Zamashuh while playing its DLC in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

Furthermore, Aura Slide is also available to Goku Black in his Super Saiyan Rose form and all races.

Once players use this skill, the character will form a Ki blade on the right-hand.

Aura slide
Players using the Aura slide in Xenoverse 2.

Players can change the attack pattern by changing the direction of the left analog stick.

The Neutral is a Single-strike attack that deals 10% damage.

Another attack is performed by pressing ↑, which is Up to 3 hits and deals 15% damage.

Meanwhile, a slash from behind is initiated by pressing ↓ and deals 10% damage.

It is a Strike skill therefore, it has a short range, 1-4 hits and knockback.

However, using the Aura Slide consumes one ki bar, costing 100 ki.

Furthermore, there are other similar techniques players can obtain, such as Sauzer Blade, Divine Retribution, and Instant Severance.

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Getting Aura Slide In Xenoverse 2

Players can obtain the Aura slide by purchasing it from the TP Medal Shop.

The TP Medal Shop is the store where a variety of skills can be exchanged for TP Medals.

Players can earn the TP Medal, by completing Parallel Quests, Expert Missions, Raid Quests, or Online Battles.

The shop is situated in Conton City, near the Time Nest and is open from  Friday to Sunday every week.

Also, the items in the shop change daily, so you must regularly visit it to check the available skills.

Moreover, to obtain Aura Slide, players must spend 170 TP Medals at the TP Medal Shop.

Make sure that you have enough TP Medal with you and an empty slot to equip Aura Slide.

Aura Slide
You can purchase the Aura Slide from the Skill Shop.

After you purchase the skill, make sure to equip it from the Customize menu.

How To Use Aura Slide In Xenoverse 2?

To use Aura Slide in Xenoverse 2, you need to press the R2 and Box buttons on PlayStation 4 or RT and X On Xbox One.

In addition, you can assign Aura Slide to any of the four super skill slots.

To use the Aura Slide, you must have at least one Ki bar and close your distance to your opponent.

You can change the pattern of your attack by changing the direction of your analog stick.

Moreover, you will attack usually if you don’t move the analog stick.

Moving the analog stick up will initiate the three consecutive hits.

Furthermore, moving the stick down will perform a back attack.

Moreover, after performing this attack, you can simply perform three hits by just holding up.

Additionally, it can also possess stamina break property.

Some Limitations Of Aura Slide

Although Aura Slide gives players some extra hits, it comes with some drawbacks, which are as follows:

  1. Due to being a short-range attack, it cannot be used fully while the enemy is far away.
  2. Many attacks, such as a basic ki blast or melee attack, can interrupt this skill, dodging or blocking the Aura Shield.
  3. Furthermore, it consumes most of the key, unlocking players from spamming this skill.
  4. This skill has most of the high-speed attacks that can be hard to control for the player who doesn’t have enough practice.

The Bottom Line

Aura Slide is a super skill accessible to all races in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

Players can obtain this skill through the TP Medal Shop for 170 TP Medals after getting the Goku Black DLC.

Furthermore, this is probably good in close combat, however, it cannot hold the candle while fighting long-range battles.

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