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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: Festival Of Universes Rewards

 In the world of Xenoverse 2, players can unlock several rewards and gifts from the new event festival of universes.

Similarly, in this recent update, Xenoverse 2 brings a brush of energy to the game by introducing the Cross Versus game mode.

Players can enjoy the recent update by learning more about the mechanics, rewards, and tips to make the most of this event.

In Xenoverse 2, the Festival of Universes presents various rewards for the players who appreciate the multiple accomplishments throughout the event.

Continue Reading to find out more about the Rewards in Xenoverse 2.

Xenoverse 2 : Festival Of Universes

In Xenoverse 2, players can enjoy the recent event of the game “Festival of Universes” by finding the event spot.

Similarly, players must head to the main Plaza to seek out the Universe Lobby Reception bot.

Upon reaching the bot, you can find the bot is kind of friendly, gives good gestures, and is behind the Multiplayer Mode NPC.

After talking to the friendly bot, it presents players with three unique lobbies to choose from to begin their event.

Moreover, players can choose Universe 6, 7, or 11 based on how they want to experience the festival of Universe.

xenoverse 2 festival of universes rewards
 The player must interact with the NPC.

After choosing the specific Universe, players are directed to a specific universe where they must embrace their spirit.

Furthermore, players should focus on collecting the Glory Points inside this Universe to gather multiple rewards.

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Xenoverse 2: An Overview Of  Glory Points

Upon choosing the Universe, players have to choose their team to compete with other team players.

Similarly, to access the festival of universes and its rewards, players must accumulate several Glory points within the deadline.

Furthermore, Glory points are the in-game currency for the players, which will decide the results of the team placement during the event.

Players should focus on collecting the maximum glory points for their team to place their team on the leaderboard.

xenoverse 2 festival of universes rewards
Players receive Glory Points by completing quests.

Similarly, players should gather a team of solid characters and take on these epic challenges to earn more glory points.

Here are some of the places to earn glory points for the players:

Parallel Quest Xenoverse 2
The player is about to perform the parallel quest.
  1. Parallel Quests: Players can complete the Parallel Quests with an “up arrow” emblem to earn maximum Glory Points.
  2. Raid Quests: Similarly, players can fight with famous characters from the series to earn glory points and rare items.
  3. Camaraderie System: Moreover, players can earn glory points from building camaraderie and progressing through character stories.

Xenoverse 2: Festival Of Universes Rewards 

In Xenoverse 2, the festival of universes presents the user with exciting rewards for different items and abilities.

Similarly, these rewards are one of the compelling reasons to make users engage in the Festival of Universes rewards.

Here are some rewards players can earn during the Festival Of Universes.

  1. Skill and Abilities: Players can trade their glory points to receive various skills and abilities to enhance the character’s effectiveness.
  2. Cosmetic Items: Similarly, players can trade their glory points to purchase unique customs and accessories to distinguish their character.
  3. TP Medals: TP Medals are a premium in-game currency, and players can receive TP Medals from the Festival of Universes.
  4. Camaraderie: Finally, players can build camaraderie with iconic characters, and progressing through their stories presents special items and skills.

Moreover, after looking through these rewards, players can also have the gist of how they can earn maximum TP Medals.

In addition, players can acquire TP Medals from several categories, and their effort will determine the amount they can receive.

TP Medals Xenoverse 2
Players can receive a certain amount of TP Medals after completing the daily missions.

Here are some of the rewards for gaining TP Medals and other valuable assets:

1. Overall Team Placement Rewards

  • 1st Place: 300 TP Medals and the coveted Aura (Festival Champion)
  • 2nd Place: 200 TP Medals
  • 3rd Place: 100 TP Medals

2. Weekly In-Team Placement Rewards

  • Rank 1: 250 TP Medals
  • Ranks 2-10: 200 TP Medals
  • Ranks 11-100: 150 TP Medals
  • Rank 101 and Below: 100 TP Medals

3. Overall Individual Placement Rewards

  • Rank 1: 1000 TP Medals
  • Rank 1-100: Aura (SSGSS)
  • Rank 2-100: 750 TP Medals
  • Rank 101-1000: 500 TP Medals
  • Rank 1001 and Below: 250 TP Medals

4. Weekly Glory Point Rewards

  • Week One: 3500 GP required – 250 TP Medals
  • Week Two: 3500 GP required – Complete Set of Dragon Balls
  • Week Three: 3500 GP required – Zen-Oh Button
  • Week Four: 3500 GP required – 250 TP Medals
  • Week Five: 3500 GP required – Complete Set of Dragon Balls
  • Week Six: 3500 GP required – Zen-Oh Button
  • Week Seven: 3500 GP required – 250 TP Medals
  • Week Eight: 3500 GP required – Complete Set of Dragon Balls
  • Week Nine: 3500 GP required – Zen-Oh Button

5.  Total Glory Point Rewards

  • 1500 Glory Points: “I never could’ve gotten here on my own!” Super Soul
  • 3000 Glory Points: 50 TP Medals
  • 5000 Glory Points: 10 Super Mix Capsule Z’s
  • 9500 Glory Points: Demon Clothes (Piccolo, with Cape, Custom)
  • 12000 Glory Points: 50 TP Medals
  • 15000 Glory Points: 10 Super Mix Capsule Z’s
  • 18000 Glory Points: 50 TP Medals
  • 21500 Glory Points: Aura (Potential Unleashed)
  • 25000 Glory Points: 50 TP Medals
  • 29000 Glory Points: King Kai Costume (Custom)
  • 33000 Glory Points: 50 TP Medals
  • 37500 Glory Points: Goku’s Turtle Hermit Gi (Custom)
  • 42000 Glory Points: 50 TP Medals
  • 47000 Glory Points: Aura (Super Saiyan)

The Bottom Line

Players have to make their way to the thrilling event of the Festival of Universes to earn various rewards.

Similarly, players can also earn glory points, unique outfits, powerful aura, and TP medals from engaging in this event.

In Summary, players should aim to conquer the leaderboards by showcasing their abilities to get maximum bonuses.

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