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Exploring The Darkened Way In Diablo 4

Diablo 4 takes place in Sanctuary’s dark and gritty world, where humans are caught in a battle between angels and demons.

In Diablo 4’s Fractured Peaks region, you find the Darkened Way, where you follow Neyrelle, a Horadrim Scholar, to the Horadric Vault.

While approaching the Darkened Way in Diablo 4, the player should encounter various enemies and secrets along the way with the accomplishment of Wayward Quest and Shroud of the Horadrim.

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How To Find The Darkened Way In Diablo 4?

The player needs to complete the Wayward Quest and the Shroud Of the Horadrim to reach the Darkened Way in Diablo 4.

1. Wayward Quest

Wayward Quest is available only after completing the Light’s Protection Quest. Follow the steps below to accomplish the Wayward Quest.

Wayward Quest
To reach the Darkened Way in Diablo 4, complete the Wayward Quest.
  1. Navigate to the Mistral Woods to meet the Neyrelle, which is located near Yelesna.
  2. You will need to find Neyrelle because she’ll be gone for the Horadric Vault.
  3.  Search for a tree with glowing spots on it, and get closer to it.
  4. The path to the Darkened Holt will open as you approach, and you will complete the quest.
Darkened Holt
Approaching the Darkened Holt complete the Wayward Quest.
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2. Shroud Of The Horadrim

Once you accomplish the Wayward Quest, the next step is to clear the Shroud of the Horadrim.

In this quest, players need to follow a wolf into a portal to the Vision of Tristram, where he reveals his identity and warns the player about the Horadrim.

  1. The Darkened Holt is located in the Gale Valley; it will lead you to the Winding Way.
  2. Proceed up the snowy road, and watch for Wood Wraiths and Phantoms.
Wood Wrath
After entering the Darkened Way in Diablo 4, you must defeat Wood Wraths and Phantoms.
  1. Roam around and find any extra treasures lying around.
  2. In time, you will slide down a slope into an area with more Wood Wraiths and Phantoms and defeat them.
  3. Move to find a glowing portal where a Wolf will start speaking with you.
Blooded Wolf
The first portal lets you meet the Blooded Wolf.
  1. The wolf will suggest you hop into the portal, leading you to the Vision of Tristram.
  2. The Vision of Tristram is the safest place where no one will harm you, so follow the wolf and speak to him.
  3. Follow the wolf to the Living Gate and open it, leading you to another portal.
Living Gate
Follow the Wolf till you reach Living Gate.
  1. After that, continue talking to the wolf and pass the portal to search for Neyrelle.
  2. Follow the path forward after the portal drops you back in the Darkened Holt.
  3. Finally, you’ll see Neyrelle. 
  4. Help her to get back to the Horadric Vault.
  5. The Shadowed Glade is on the way with many Phantoms, a Hellcaller Wraith, and a Mirroring Wraith.
  6. Defeat them, head towards the Three-Faced Statue and talk to him. This completes the quest.
Three Faced Statue
Interacting with Three Faced Statue completes your quest.
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The Bottom Line

The Darkened Way is an exciting and perplexing part of the main quest for Act I in Diablo IV.

After you accomplish the Darkened Way quest, you will continue your quest in the Shadowed Glade

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