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Male Saiyan Build: Unleash The Fury In Xenoverse 2

In Xenoverse 2, Saiyans are a race of powerful warriors from the planet Vegeta who are known for their strength and speed.

Players can choose to play as either male or female Saiyan, each with unique abilities.

Moreover, they can transform into Super Saiyans, which significantly boosts power.

To create a strong Male Saiyan Build in Xenoverse 2, you must consider their attributes, super attack, ultimate attacks, QQ bangs, clothing, Z-soul, and playstyle.

Continue reading to learn more about Male Saiyan and their build in Xenoverse 2.

Who Is Male Saiyan In Xenoverse 2?

Male Saiyan is one of the playable races for your Custom Character (CaC) in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

They have a unique racial ability called Saiyan Spirit, which gives them a boost in damage when their Health is low.

Moreover, they can transform into Super Saiyans, significantly boosting power and speed.

They are good for players who want to create a character with high damage output and good combos.

male saiyan are known for their strength
Male Saiyan are known for their strength, speed, and fighting ability.

Some of the key details about Male Saiyan are mentioned below:

1. Attributes

Here are some of the attributes of a male Saiyan are:

  • Basic Attack: High (125)
  • Health: Medium (18)
  • Ki: Medium (42)
  • Stamina: Medium (42)
  • Strike Super: Medium (0 or 105)
  • Ki Blast Super: Medium (0 or 105)

2. Combo String

They have a light string that ends with two chase attacks and can be replaced with a spin kick.

However, their heavy string puts opponents in a juggle state and can be followed by a launcher kick.

Their combo called LHH has a long knockback launcher and a teleport attack.

Alternating string HLHLH ends with a chase stunning up kick.

3. Strengths

Male Saiyan have the highest basic attack damage of any race.

They are also very good at combos and can string together many attacks.

Additionally, their racial bonus strengthens them when they are in low Health.

4. Weakness

Male Saiyans have relatively low Health and ki compared to other races.

Their basic ki blast attacks are weaker compared to other races.

Moreover, their combo strings don’t have an easily usable teleport.

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What Is Male Saiyan Build In Xenoverse 2?

Creating a Male Saiyan build in Xenoverse 2 involves customizing your character for specific strengths and abilities.

These steps will help you create a powerful and effective Male Saiyan build.

1. Attributes

It is important to focus on attributes, as Male Saiyans have the highest base attack damage.

The basic attack should be your top priority, but you should also put some points into ki blast and strike super damage.

However, you can invest some points in Health for added survivability.

2. Super Attacks

Choose superattacks that complement their melee-oriented strengths.

Moves like Meteor Strike and Super God Fist are excellent for close combat situations.

Additionally, you can include a versatile Ki Blast Super like Super Kamehameha to balance your abilities.

Hence, other superattacks are Justice Rush, Deadly Dance, Angry Hit, and Maximum Charge.

3. Ultimate Attacks

Choose powerful Ultimate Attacks such as Final Flash or Super Spirit Bomb to deal massive damage to opponents.

Select one transformation, like Super Saiyan or Super Saiyan Blue, to enhance your combat abilities based on your preferences.

Likewise, other ultimate attacks are Justice Combination and Godly Display.

4. QQ Bang

A QQ Bang is a special item that can be used to customize your character’s attributes.

You can use it to increase your basic attack damage, ki blast damage, strike super damage, ki, or stamina.

5. Clothing And Z-Souls

Equip clothing that boosts your preferred attributes, focusing on melee, and look for items that enhance Basic Attack and Strike Super.

Choose a Z-Soul that offers bonus damage under specific conditions or reduces ki consumption, improving your effectiveness.

6. Playstyle

As a Male Saiyan, capitalize on your high basic attack damage by engaging in close combat.

Therefore, learn to time your transformation if you have one to maximize your damage output.

Maintain an aggressive playstyle and capitalize on your racial trait, which grants bonus damage when your Health is low.

the best male saiyan hybrid build
The best Male Saiyan hybrid build.

The Bottom Line

Male Saiyan are a warrior race from the planet Vegeta, known for their strength, speed, and fighting ability.

Moreover, they are excellent in close combat and have unique combo strings.

However, their basic ki blasts and super damage are considered weaker than some other character races.

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