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Dreamlight Valleys Next Top Lefou: Friendship Quest

In the vibrant world of Dreamlight Valley, players have to embark on one of the friendship quests called Next Top Lefou.

Among the villagers, Olaf and Stitch are finalists for the sidekick competition of Dream Light Valley’s Next Top Lefou.

In Dreamlight Valley, players can complete the Dreamlight Valley Next Top Lefou by crafting some delightful dishes for Stitch and collecting items for Olaf. Moreover, players should also complete their dreamlight duties and craft an appreciation stage for Gaston.

Continue reading to learn more about the Dreamlight Valleys Next Top Lefou. 

Beginning Of The Quest: Dreamlight Valleys Next Top Lefou

In Dreamlight Valley, players must come across one of the friendly quests called Dreamlight Valleys Next Top Lefou.

Players must find potential villagers to participate and talk with them in this quest.

Similarly, Gaston introduces Dreamlight Valley’s Next Top Lefou to the villagers to see who among them is ready to compete for the title.

The main purpose of this quest is to test the abilities of the villagers to determine whether they are eligible to be the sidekick.

Following Gaston’s order, players have to talk to a few villagers who could be the potential new sidekicks.

dreamlight valleys next top lefou
Players must find potential villagers in the Next Top Lefou quest.

Players must converse with Vanellope, Minnie Mouse, Olaf, Donald Duck, and Stitch.

After engaging in a conversation with them, players have to choose the potential villagers to be the new sidekick.

After deciding on the villagers, players must choose Stitch and Olaf as the new sidekick finalists.

Therefore, players should not let go of Stitch and Olaf and make sure they are hanging with you to begin the test.

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Next Top Lefou: Cooking Quest With Stitch

During this quest, players have to cook several dishes and present them to the Stitch, one of the finalists.

In this task, players have to prepare some flavorful dish alongside the Stitch so gathering essential ingredients is mandatory.

During this task, players have to prepare the Hard-Boiled Eggs, Scrambled Eggs, Omelet, Coffee, and Coconut Cake.

Players can quickly visit Remy’s Restaurant to gather essential ingredients like Eggs, Cheese, Coffee beans, Coconut, Sugar cane, and Milk.

dreamlight valleys next top lefou cooking quest
Players have to complete the cooking quest of dreamlight valleys Next Top Lefou.

Next, players have to prepare every dish step by step and bring each meal to the Stitch.

Upon preparing the meals and delivering them to the Stitch, you can complete the cooking quest with Stitch.

Conquer Nature With Olaf Quests 

It is the second task that players must complete to conquer the Dream Light Valley’s next top level.

In this task, players have to collect various items like Glass Stagmites, Swirling sands, copper rocks, and beautiful flowers.

To begin this quest, players can navigate the Eternity Isle and pick some flowers from its garden.

dreamlight valleys next top lefou Conquer Nature
Players have to complete these items to complete the Next Top Level quest.

Next players can collect the Glass Stalagmite alongside the Flower, but it requires an upgraded pickaxe to collect it.

Now players can travel around the Dunes and collect the Swirling sands and pickaxe the rocks to collect the copper rocks.

Upon collecting the required materials, players should bring flowers to the Olaf and complete the quest.

Side Quests To Complete Next Top Lefou

After completing the cooking task with stitch, and providing the necessary items to Olaf, players have to perform Dreamlight Duties.

Similarly, players can perform these Duties by visiting the Mist Duties in the Dreamlight Section, such as selling fruits and catching 3 seafood.

Upon completing their Dreamlight Duties, players are tasked with crafting an appreciation stage for Gaston.

Likewise, players have to collect important materials such as tropical wood, copper, plastic scrap, blue glass, and blue luminescent flowers.

Next, players can now build a crafting stage for Gaston and capture the magical moments in that stage.

The Bottom Line

During the friendly Dreamlight Valley’s Next Top Lefou quest, players can explore the culinary creativity and fulfill Olaf’s request.

Players have to craft beautiful dishes, hunt several items, complete their dreamlight duties, and craft a stage for Gaston to complete this quest.

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