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Dune Shelter Palworld: The Best Base And Pals Locations

Dune Shelter is a settlement in Palworld, located in the Sandy Plains, a desert biome that is both beautiful and dangerous.

Dune Shelter is a great place to find resources, craft items, and trade with NPCs.

But it’s also a place where you’ll encounter many threats and mysteries and must be ready for anything.

Continue reading to learn how to reach the Dune Shelter, its features, and amenities. 

The Dune Shelter

The Dune Shelter in Palworld is located in the Sandy Plains biome, the desert area in the northeast corner of the map.

You can spot it by its sandy-colored walls and the hatch that leads to the basement.

The exact coordinates of the Dune Shelter are 357, -348.

 the best pals
You’ll find the best pals.

Reach The Dune Shelter

To reach the Dune Shelter, you must travel through the desert, which can be dangerous and challenging.

You must prepare with heat-resistant clothing, food, water, and weapons.

Further, you must watch out for sandstorms, predators, and enemies.

It might be helpful to have a flying Pal or a vehicle to speed up your travel.

Alternatively, you can use the fast travel system to teleport to the Dune Shelter if you have unlocked it.

You can unlock the fast travel points by interacting with the Pal Pads in each settlement.

Contrarily, the Pal Pad in the Dune Shelter is near the campfire and the storage containers.

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Features And Amenities

Stepping inside the Dune Shelter reveals a surprisingly cozy and functional space.

The dim lighting casts an almost comforting ambiance, while the sturdy walls offer security against outside threats.

Inside, you’ll find:

1. Workbench

The workbench is a crafting station that allows you to create various items, such as tools, weapons, and armor. 

To use the workbench, you must have the required resources and recipes for the items you want to craft.

2. Storage Containers

The storage containers inside the Dune Shelter are near the workbench and the campfire.

They look like shipping containers but have a lock and label.

To use the storage containers, you need a key that matches the label on the container.

You can find keys by looting, trading, or completing quests in the game.

Each key can only open one container, and each container can only hold a limited amount of items.

best base locations
Dune Shelter in Palworld is located in the Sandy Plains biome.

3. Pal Pad

The Pal Pad is a device that allows you to manage your Pal companions in the game.

It looks like a tablet with a Pal logo on it.

To use the Pal Pad, you must interact with it and access its menu.

4. Campfire

The campfire is a feature that allows you to cook food, heal yourself, and warm up in the game. 

It looks like a fire pit with some logs and stones around it.

To use the campfire, you need to have some fuel, such as wood or coal, and some food, such as meat or vegetables.

You can place the fuel and the food on the campfire and wait for them to cook.

Further, you can sit near the campfire and enjoy its warmth and light.

dune shelter palworld
You can meet a shady dealer who sells illegal goods.

Who Will You Encounter In Dune Shelter?

The Dune Shelter is not only a place for you, but also for others.

You’ll meet some interesting characters here, such as:

1. Rex, The Black Marketeer

He’s a shady dealer who sells illegal goods, such as drugs, explosives, and stolen Pals.

However, he may rip you off, but he may also have something you need.

2. Other Palmasters

You’re not the only one who uses the Dune Shelter.

Thus, you may encounter other players here who may be friendly or hostile.

Further, you can chat with them, trade with them, or fight them; the choice is yours.

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