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Dunebopper In Dreamlight Valley: How To Find?

In Dreamlight, there are over 45 different fish to catch, and one of the fish players need to replenish energy is Dunebopper.

Besides being used for cooking, Dunebopper in Dreamlight Valley is a useful ingredient that players can sell or gift to villagers.

Dunebopper is a fish that players can use for selling and gifting to villagers, for energy restoration and for making different recipes.

Continue reading to learn more about Dunebopper and its locations in Dreamlight Valley.

Dunebopper In Dreamlight Valley

Dunebopper is a type of fish players can explore in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Players can use Dunebopper along with other ingredients to make other various recipes.

Duneblopper fishing in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a relaxing activity outside of mining and clearing out Night Thorns.

It is one of the 15 Disney Dreamlight Valley fish in the Eternity Isle section of A Rift in Time.

Dunebopper in Dreamlight Valley.
Players can find Dunebopper in Dreamlight in the Oasis Area.

Additionally, eating Dunebopper also restores some amount of energy for the players i.e. 1100 energy.

Moreover, you can sell Dunebopper in Dreamlight Valley for 550 star coins. Also, you can use it as a cooking ingredient to make tasty recipes.

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Where To Find Dunebopper In Dreamlight Valley?

You must take the following series of activities to catch Dunebooper in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

First, you need a fishing rod to catch the Dunebopper.

Dunebooper can be sold for 550 Star Coins.
Players can sell Dunebopper for 550 Star Coins.

Then, go ahead and follow the map to unlock the Oasis which is necessary to collect them.

Also, it would be best to wait for a bite while casting your fishing line at the waves and for the blue ripples to appear.

After searching for blue ripples on the water’s surface, fish out them as players can find Duneboppers only inside those ripples.

Blue bubbles in Oasis
Players need to fish the blue bubble to obtain Dunebopper.

However, Blue ripples are a sign that there are Duneboppers around.

Moreover, you can find more blue ripples, draw in more fish, and capture bigger fish using a fishing rod.

By following these steps, you should be able to catch Dunebopper in the game.

Some Of The Other Fish In Dreamlight Valley

Dunebopper Fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be found in each biome.

Moreover, you can find them by fishing from different water sources such as ponds, rivers and streams.

These fish and the much rarer Seafood, will be needed to create various recipes.

Hence, the following table shows some of the other available fish at Eternity Isle of Dreamlight Valley.

FishLocationSell Price and Energy
Brilliant Blue StarfishThe Oasis875 Star Coins and 1650 Energy
Electric EelThe Grasslands
The Promenade
1000 Star Coins
1550 Energy
OctopusThe Docks
The Overlook
290 Star Coins
700 Energy
PiranhaThe Lagoon1300 Star Coins
1900 Energy
PirarucuThe Grasslands
The Promenade
The Grove
The Lagoon
625 Star Coins
1250 Energy
Pretty Pink StarfishThe Oasis875 Star Coins
1500 Energy
Prisma ShrimpThe Grove1100 Star Coins
1600 Energy

The Bottom Line

Dunebopper fish are a valuable resource in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Moreover, this fish in Dreamlight Valley is a rare and tasty fish that players can use for cooking, gifting or selling.

If players want to catch this fish in Dreamlight Valley, they need a fishing rod and a pond with blue ripples.

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