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Explore Everything About Ancient Plates Quest In Dreamlight Valley

In Dreamlight Valley, one treasure hunt-type quest asks players to find three ancient plates.

Players can start this quest in the location called Ancient Landing- one of three new biomes in the game. 

In Dreamlight Valley, players are given a task to find three ancient plates during the Sands in Hourglass Quest by Jafar. Players must use the Royal Hourglass to complete this quest and extract three hidden ancient plates within Ancient Landing.

Continue reading this article to learn about the ancient plates quest in Dreamlight Valley.

Introduction To Ancient Plates Quest In Dreamlight Valley

The new expansion Rift in Time introduces three new biomes in the Eternity Isle alongside unique quests.

Players can discover a biome within the isle named the Ancient Landing, which includes ancient-themed quests.

In fact, there is one quest called The Sands In Hourglass that asks players to find various ancient artifacts.

However, players must interact with Jafar and equip the Royal Hourglass to partake in this quest.

Location of Ancient plates quest
Ancient Landing Biome-The location of finding three ancient plates quest.

Specifically, finding the ancient plate occurs during phase two of the quest.

Therefore, players must complete the first phase of the quest by finding two statue ancient fragments to unlock the next phase.

Consequently, finding three ancient plates is the next step for players to complete this quest.

However, they should note that these plates spawn randomly for each player on the map.

Finally, players can find these plates by using the Royal Hourglass to look for hints.

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Learn Royal Hourglass Mechanics To Find Ancient Plates

The Royal Hourglass is the only cue for players if they want to track the hidden ancient plates.

Additionally, players must interact with Jafar to learn the importance of this item during the quest.

However, this item has a unique mechanism that players must learn to locate the hidden items and are:

  1. Firstly, the Royal Hourglass is capable of finding hidden items and artifacts in the game.
  2. Secondly, it uses a circle of light to hint at the distance of the hidden items to players.
Mechanism of Royal Hourglass In Dreamlight Valley
This is the in-game mechanism for using the Royal Hourglass In Dreamlight Valley.
  1. In fact, the Royal Hourglass emits two colors: Blue and Gold to hint at an item’s location.
  2. Hence, players should note that they are closer to the item if the Hourglass emits a gold color.
  3. The hourglass also displays some sand particles to show the direction of the closest hidden item.
  4. Upon tracking the ancient plate, players must repeatedly press the interact key to retrieve the plate.

Finally, players must collect three such plates to complete the Sands in Hourglass quest.

Craft The Statue’s Arm Using Ancient Plates

After collecting all three ancient plates, players must return to Jafar to unlock an additional quest.

However, the quest is fairly easy as it only requires players to craft the statue’s arms using the ancient fragments.

Players must use the Time-bending Table to combine resources into exclusive items to do this.

Time bending table
Time Bending Table is used to convert ancient plates into Statue’s arm.

While using the table, players can easily make the Statue’s arm by clicking the Make button.

In fact, the Statue’s Arm uses all the items that players collected before as ingredients to craft it.

Finally, they must put the statue’s arm back in the statue to fully complete this mission.

The Bottom Line

Finding three ancient plates during the Sands in Hourglass quest is one of the most fun activities in the game as it resembles treasure hunting.

However, players must purchase the recent paid expansion in Dreamlight Valley to access this quest in the game.

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