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How To Get Auntie Ethel Hair In BG3?

One of the quests you can encounter in the BG3 is dealing with Auntie Ethel, where players can get their hair.

In this quest, you must rescue a woman named Mayrina from a sinister hag.

Auntie Ethel is one of the most challenging and rewarding enemies in Baldur’s Gate 3 with a secret weakness: her hair. If players get her hair during the fight, they can use it to create potions.

Continue reading more to explore what Auntie Ethel’s hair is and how to find it.

What Is Auntie Ethel Hair In BG 3?

In (Baldur’s Gate 3) BG3, Auntie Ethel hair is a rare item.

It is a lock of hair that belongs to Auntie Ethel, a powerful hag who lives in the Riverside Teahouse.

The item has some magical properties that can be used for various purposes, such as crafting, enchanting, or performing rituals.

Some players also collect it as a trophy or a souvenir of their encounter with Auntie Ethel.

auntie ethel's hair
Auntie Ethel’s hair is a rare item.

Players can get the Status effect after defeating Auntie Ethel and spare her life to get it.

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How To Get Auntie Ethel Hair In BG 3?

There are two possible ways to get Auntie Ethel hair in BG3:

1. Fight Auntie Ethel

This method involves confronting Auntie Ethel in her lair, the Overgrown Tunnel, and fighting her until she surrenders.

Find Overgrown Tunnel

To find the Overgrown Tunnel, you must follow the Save the Refugees quest and rescue Mayrina

She will tell you that Auntie Ethel kidnapped and took her to the Riverside Teahouse.

You can then follow her to the teahouse and enter the hidden tunnel behind it.

overgrown tunnel
Rescue Mayrina to find the overgrown tunnel.

Auntie Ethel’s Victims

Once in the tunnel, you must face enemies and traps, such as spiders, redcaps, and poisonous mushrooms.

You will also encounter some of Auntie Ethel’s victims, such as a man turned into a chicken and a woman turned into a pig.

You can choose to help them or ignore them.

Reduce Auntie Ethel’s Health

Eventually, you will reach Auntie Ethel’s chamber, where she will wait for you.

She will try to persuade you to join her ritual, but you can refuse and attack her.

She will then summon some minions and fight back with powerful spells.

You must reduce her health to 10 or less to make her surrender.

Hair Or Mayrina

When she surrenders, she will offer you a deal: give you her hair in exchange for an ability point.

You can either accept or decline the deal. If you accept, you will get Auntie Ethel’s hair and a permanent +1 bonus to any ability you choose.

However, you will also lose the chance to save Mayrina, trapped in a cage behind Auntie Ethel.

If you decline, you must kill Auntie Ethel and free Mayrina, but you will not get her hair.

2. Trick Auntie Ethel

This method involves deceiving Auntie Ethel into thinking you will help her with her ritual.

You must have a high deception skill or use the tadpole power to persuade her.

This method is less risky than fighting her but requires more cunning and creativity.

Riverside Teahouse

To find the Riverside Teahouse, follow the quest Remove The Parasite and talk to a woman named Nettie in Druid Grove.

She will tell you she can help you with your tadpole problem, but she needs some ingredients for a potion.

She will then send you to Auntie Ethel, who lives in the teahouse by the river.

riverside teahouse
Finding the riverside teahouse is one of the quests.

Teahouse Encounter

Once you are at the teahouse, you will meet Auntie Ethel, who will greet you warmly and invite you inside.

She will then ask you to help her with her ritual, which involves sacrificing a young woman named Mayrina.

You can pretend to agree and ask her what she needs for the ritual.

Ritual Ingredients

She will then ask you to bring her some ingredients for the ritual, such as a skull, an eye, and a heart.

You can find these items in her lair or use your body parts.

For example, you can use your eye with the tadpole power or blind yourself with a knife.

You can also use your heart with the tadpole power or stab yourself with a dagger.

You can also use your skull using the tadpole power or smashing your head with a hammer.

Ritual Betrayal

Once you have the ingredients, you can return to Auntie Ethel and tell her you are ready for the ritual.

She will then take you to a secret room where she will try to perform the ritual on you.

However, you can attack and catch her off guard before she can do anything.

potion of hill giant
A potion of hill giant strength can deal more damage.

Get The Hag Hair

When the Hag is low on health, she starts a conversation with you to spare her.

You will get multiple options along with the stat boost you want including, Deception or Intimidation.

Choosing the fourth or the fifth option will grant players the will to spare the Hag and save Mariana from death.

Later, you should interact with Mariana, grab the Bitter divorce and progress the mission.

The Bottom Line

Players in BG3 can use Auntie Ethel’s hair to increase the ability scores of their choice, but they must first face a bugged and invisible hag.

A bug in Baldur’s Gate 3 makes Auntie Ethel disappear during the fight and rewards players with her hair, which can boost their stats.

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