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Illithid Jar With Larvae In BG3: How To Obtain It?

The Illithid Jar with larvae is an item that players will obtain while exploring Wyrm’s Rock Fortress

However, it is an entity whose uses are still unknown. 

To obtain an Illithid Jar, you must reach Act 3 of the game, infiltrate the Tower Gate, and loot a chest in Gortash’s room. The jar can be combined with something else, but that is unclear.

This article discusses the illithid jar and its location in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What Is Illithid Jar With Larvae In BG3?

Illithid Jar with Larvae is an item that players will come across in Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3

The jar does not provide any inherent benefits.

However, Larian Studios, the game’s developers, may add a use for it. 

Moreover, players claim that the larvae are not consumable.

Despite it does show a dialog box that prompts the players to combine the larvae with another material. 

This hints toward the fact that the larvae are an ingredient for some form of consumable item in the game. 

Thus, the mystery behind the jar with larvae is intriguing, with players speculating about various uses for the item. 

illithid powers
Illithids are physically and mentally strong.

Illithid Jar with Larvae can unlock hidden Illithid powers when consumed by some companions.

However, the use of the jar is still unknown, and it cannot be consumed directly. 

It seems that the jar can be combined with something else, but that is unclear.

How To Obtain The Illithid Jar With Larvae In BG3? 

You can follow the steps below to obtain the Illithid jar with larvae. 

  1. First, a player must reach Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3. 
  2. Here, they must infiltrate the Wyrm’s Rock Fortress. Then, they will find the fortress in Baldurs Gate City. 
  3. Players will automatically reach the city if they continuously follow the game’s main quest. 
  4. However, the players will get caught and imprisoned during the infiltration. 
  5. The players must escape from the prison and head towards the top of the tower in the fortress. While they head to the top, the players will come across Gortash’s room
  6. Then, next to the bed, players will come across various items and loot. Players will find the jar among the items and loot. 
  7. Furthermore, during the escape, players will meet Lord Enver Gortash. He plays a prominent role in Act  3. 
Lord Enver Gortash plays a prominent role in Act 3. 

Additionally, if the players have a dark urge, according to the story previously, you worked with Lord Enver Gortash. 

Thus, this can be a reunion of sorts. However, we do not know if you will have different dialog options because of your connections with each other. 

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The Bottom Line

The Illithid jar with larvae remains unknown within the Baldur’s Gate 3 community. 

Moreover, rather than an unknown entity, the use of the larvae is unknown.

Therefore, it makes it even harder for players to understand the item and its combination with other items.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in finding the Illithid jar with larvae and using it in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

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