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Elgato Marketplace Sign In Not Working: Causes And Fixes

Many users around the globe are facing problems as the Elgato marketplace sign-in is not working for Christmas.

The joy of unboxing a new Elgato Stream Deck quickly turned into frustration after users faced login issues.

Elgato Marketplace sign-in is not working because of the influx of new Stream Deck users, that overloaded the Keycloak API. However, Elgato representatives have addressed this problem and requested users to be patient while they solve this Marketplace login glitch.

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Elgato Marketplace Sign In Error: The Technical Glitch

Several Elgato Stream Deck + users have reported facing a technical glitch while attempting to log in to Elgato Marketplace.

The system does not let them log in to their marketplace, preventing them from accessing the platform to download plugins and other activities.

Elgato MarketPlace
Users can access the Elgato Marketplace by logging in to the website.

It frustrated the users who were excited to customize their Stream Deck experience with plugins from the Marketplace.

As they cannot login to the marketplace, numerous people are discussing this glitch in online forums and community discussions.

The problem seems to be widespread as users from different regions are reporting this issue on these forums.

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Understanding The Technical Glitch

Since it is the festive season, numerous new members were trying to access the Stream Deck to enhance their experience.

Elgato uses the Keycloaks for handling the login prompts, and an open source API for managing logins.

Similarly, due to the influx of new Steam Deck users during Christmas, it has overloaded the Keycloak API.

The simultaneous activation of numerous users trying to connect to the same API might have overwhelmed the system.

Since the login API is overloaded, it has broken the server temporarily resulting in marketplace login issues.

Users have to be patient as the holiday rush is over, it is likely that the Marketplace login will be restored again.

Temporary Workarounds And Potential Solution

Users are trying to solve this issue, as numerous reports have already been filed in online forums and community discussions.

As this is a widespread issue, people from every region are seeking solutions to this technical glitch.

Here are some of the troubleshooting steps taken from the various online forums to resolve this issue.

  1. Users can try installing a specific version of the Elgato Stream Deck (version 6.3) to bypass the login issues and access the marketplace.
  2. Similarly, users can also try updating their Stream Deck App as a potential solution.
  3. Likewise, you can try removing an extra “/” from the generated URL in the browser to access the platform.
  4. Another approach is log in to your account within the Stream Deck app and navigate to the marketplace for evading login barriers.
  5. Users can also try disabling the ad blockers as it might also cause issues related to the Elgato Marketplace.

Elgato’s Response Regarding The Login Issue

In response to the widespread login issues, Elgato’s development team has stepped in to address the problem.

Developers from Elgato acknowledged the problem and are searching for potential solutions to resolve this issue.

elgato Response to Marketplace not working
Elgato has responded that they are investigating the login issue.

The development team has assured us that they are actively working to resolve the Marketplace login glitch.

In the meantime, Elgato developers ask users to be patient while they find a potential solution to resolve this error.

This significant response from Elgato generated hope among the users, who believed that the solution was in progress.

The Bottom Line

During this festive event, many users were frustrated as they experienced disappointment while trying to log in to the Elgato Marketplace.

While the frustration is inevitable, Elgato Developers have reported that they are working to resolve this issue ASAP.

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