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Tackle The Mod Subscription Failed Issue In Ready Or Not

A failed subscription in Ready or Not means that players cannot access the Mod feature of the game.

Hence, players should understand the root cause of this issue and learn how to address it effectively.

In Ready Or Not, the “Subscription Failed” error occurs when the game undergoes a major update. However, this issue can be easily fixed after logging out of the account and logging in once again in the game Mod menu.

Continue reading this article to learn about the Mod Subscription failed issue in Ready or Not.

Introduction To Mod Subscription In Ready Or Not

Ready or Not is a tactical FPS game that supports the use of third-party mods in the core game.

Therefore, players can easily download these mods via the game MOD menu after clicking Subscribe.

Mod Subscription Ready or Not
Mod Subscription feature in Ready or Not

After installing a mod, players must restart the game to view the latest MOD changes in the game.

The MOD uses the game file assets and changes their properties to give a new game perspective for players.

Hence, players can enjoy new features in the game as the mod provides new maps and cosmetics.

However, after the recent game update, players are complaining that they are unable to subscribe to any mods.

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Mod Subscription Failed Error In Ready Or Not

Ready or Not is a freshly released game, meaning players can expect bugs and glitches.

In fact, some players are already complaining about the MOD subscription issue via the Steam Discussion thread.

Subscription Failed issue in Ready or Not steam
The subscription failed issue discussed in the Ready or Not Steam community

According to the thread, players cannot launch or install the MODs as it displays the subscription failed message.

Hence, this issue has alarmed the Ready or Not community as Mods are one of the focal points of the game.

Additionally, this error was found after the recent version 1.0 update after the game had a huge update.

Therefore, the Mod feature was bound to be buggy as the Mod files are installed within the same game directory.

How To Fix The Subscription Failed Issue?

There might be many reasons why players are facing this issue in the game.

Nevertheless, there are multiple solutions that players can apply to fix these issues.

Further, players can use the following solutions to address the issue:

  • Firstly, players can attempt to restart the game as there might be some quick updates.
  • Secondly, players must ensure that they have installed the latest version of the game.
  • Thirdly, players should install the MOD file in the correct directory.
  • Also, players should log out from their account from the Mod menu and log in again.
  • Additionally, some MOD developers might have removed the MOD entirely from the game.
  • Finally, players should check whether they are facing packet loss as it hinders uploads and downloads.
  • Moreover, players can also seek online guidance from the Ready or Not community to solve this issue.

However, players should note that these solutions are not officially approved and may not work.

The Bottom Line

The Mod Subscription failed issue is a recent discovery as the game just underwent its first-ever update.

Therefore, players should not panic as there are some easy solutions available to try to solve this issue.

However, they must contact the official Ready or Not support team if this issue persists in the game.

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