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Sun Temple Stories Enshrouded: Carpenter Quest Guide

One of the main features of Enshrouded is the biome progression system, which allows you to access different regions of the map.

Moreover, the Sun Temple Stories quest the most intriguing aspects of Enshrouded, which takes you to the southeast of the map.

The Sun Temple Stories quest is one of the Carpenter series of quests, which is to recover his equipment.

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What Is The Sun Temple Stories In Enshrouded?

Sun Temple Stories is a quest that you can start after you have awakened the Carpenter, one of the five unlockable craftspeople in the game.

The Alchemist will give you a quest called Sun Temple Stories, leading you to the Sun Temple entrance in the Kindlewastes.

The Sun Temple is a massive complex of ruins that contains clues and secrets about the equipment of Carpenter.

This quest involves exploring the different areas of the temple, fighting enemies, and collecting items along the way.

Moreover, the quest consists of finding the equipment of the carpenter and retrieving it.

Sun Temple Stories
Sun Temple Stories quest in Enshrouded.
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How To Complete Sun Temple Stories In Enshrouded?

Here are the steps to complete the Sun Temple Stories in Enshrouded:

1. Go To The Haunted Sun Temple

Firstly, fast travel to the nearest point to the quest, which is the Ancient Aspire – Nomad or Ancient Aspire – Kindlewastes.

Then fly from there to the entrance of the Haunted Sun Temple.

Haunted Sun Temple
Go to the Haunted Sun Temple.

However, before entering the Haunted Sun Temple be prepared by consuming food and drinks to boost yourself.

This will increase your stamina and regeneration which will help you explore the temple.

2. Defeat Enemies While Exploring The Temple

Afterward, go to the deepest part of the temple while defeating any enemies you encounter.

Moreover, you can use long-range weapons or spells to defeat them.

Similarly, you will also find some chests that will contain some rare items and weapons.

Defeat the enemies
Defeat the enemies while exploring the Temple.

3. Reach Underground To Update The Quest

However, once you enter into the underground deep of the temple there will be a time limit of 10 minutes to complete it.

Likewise, the quest will also update and change to “Defeat the Specter in the Haunted Sun Temple.”

There you will encounter even more enemies which you have to defeat or evade to advance further.

4. Unlock Door By Using A Lockpick Or Altar

Moreover, you will also need to open some doors that are locked by using Lockpick.

Similarly, you also need to activate an altar to unlock some parts of the area inside the temple.

The altar resembles a stone with a pattern on it which glows an orange light.

There are also chests along the way which contain items that you can collect such as Shocking Ice Wand, Ignited Hammer, etc.

Unlock the door
Unlock the door by using a lockpick or altar.

5. Defeat Fell Sicklescythe

Once you reach the deepest part of the Haunted Sun Temple, you will encounter an enemy called Fell Sicklescythe.

You will need to defeat him in order to retrieve the Carpenter’s equipment.

However, Fell Sicklescythe is a ghost-type monster who uses a flying scythe to attack you.

You must evade his attack either by blocking it or by hiding behind an object or a wall.

Likewise, you will also need to use long-range weapons or spells to attack him.

Fell Sicklescythe
Defeat Fell Sicklescythe.

Rewards For Completing Sun Temple Stories

Once you defeat him you will receive a reward which contains: Shroud Core, Traitor’s Bow, Fell Sicklescythe Head, and 23 Runes.

Finally, go to the end point where you will see an ain’t chest that contains Metalstar Mace.

After collecting the item from the chest, clear the area by defeating the enemies, which will complete the quest.

Metalstar Mace
Collect Metalstar Mace from the giant chest.
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