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How To Get The Straw In Enshrouded? Guide To Use

Enshrouded is a vast survival game where players can find numerous resources while exploring different areas, including Straw.

Players have plenty of optional resources to collect in Enshrouded which they need for crafting different items.

Further, players must need to navigate through the Nomade highlands to harvest the Enshrouded Straw.

Continue reading to learn about the Straw and know how to get it in Enshrouded.

What Is The Straw In Enshrouded?

In Enshrouded, exploring the diverse landscapes provides plenty of opportunities to players, including gathering resources for crafting.

Players can use these resources to create tools, weapons, armor, and many more.

Similarly, players can get these resources by harvesting plants, and trees and extracting valuable minerals from rocks.

Some resources are more common than others, and some are only found in specific biomes or locations.

One of the resources to enrich the survival experience of players in Enshrouded is Straw which can be harvested.

Keep moving south of the nomad highlands from till you reach a farm
Players must keep moving to the south of the Nomad highlands to reach a wheat farm.

Even though a Straw is a basic resource, it can be very useful in crafting valuable materials in the game.

Moreover, Straw is a resource that you can use to craft items that increase your comfort level, such as beds and beehives.

To get straw, you must harvest wheat plants that grow in some fields in the game world.

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Find The Farm In Enshrouded To Harvest Straw

In Enshrouded, players must collect the wheat grains to get the Straw.

Players can get this item by harvesting in the wild or on their farm of Enshrouded using some basic tools.

Players asking for location to harvest the wheat in Nomad Highlands
Players asking for the location to harvest the wheat in Nomad Highlands.

Here is the guide that players can follow to harvest the Straw in Enshrouded.

1.  Raise The Flame Level To 4

When players raise their  Flame Level to 4, they can enter the specific zone to harvest the wheat.

Hence, this will help them to lead towards the Nomad Highlands and allow them to explore the region effectively.

2. Find The Nomad Highlands

The Nomad Highlands is a region to the east of Revelwood and the Low Meadowlands.

This savannah-like area is filled with dangerous creatures and even greater treasures.

However, players can get the Wheat grains by harvesting the Wheat plants in some areas of the Nomad Highlands.

They must move to the south of the Nomad highlands to reach a wheat farm.

Players venturing the Nomad Highlands
Players venturing into the Nomad Highlands.

However, if players want to farm the wheat crops, they must do Wheat Seedlings.

Upon farming the Wheat for a Straw, players must collect water, one wheat grain, and one Fossilized Bone Dust.

Some Of The Craftable Items From Straw

Here are some of the items that players can craft using Straw in Enshrouded to progress in the game.

1. Hunter Armour

Most of the hunter armor is craftable using a straw to protect the players against different types of damage.

Some of the armor, like the Sharpshooter Hood, can be crafted using one straw and another resource.

However, to craft armor like gloves and trousers, players must need to have two straws.

2. To Build A Production Place

Straw in Enshroded can be used to build some of the production places like Honey Beehive.

However, players must have 20 Straws to build this place to farm the Wax.

3. Decorative Items

Many decorative items and objects like straw puppets, i.e., Scare Crow and Furry Straw Mat, are craftable using Straw.

However, players must have 5x Straw for Straw Big Furry Straw Mat and 4x Straw for Scare Crow.

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