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A Guide For The Duplication Glitch In Enshrouded

Fans have long awaited a glitch for Enshrouded and the duplication glitch has finally surfaced on the internet.

This glitch allows players to gain an infinite amount of resources after meeting some prerequisites.

The glitch is very easy to execute and players do not have to travel anywhere to exploit it.

Continue reading this article to learn how to perform the duplication glitch in Enshrouded.

What Is A Duplication Glitch?

Every other open-world survival game has encountered the duplication glitch since the start of 2024.

Specifically, all these games alongside Enshrouded have fallen victim to the item duplication glitch.

This glitch allows players to gain an infinite amount of resources by exploiting some game mechanics.

Duplication glitch in Enshrouded
The display of the duplication glitch in Enshrouded.

Commonly, the duplication glitch is either caused by storage items or building structures in these games.

Therefore, players have a limited time to use this glitch as the developers are quick to fix them.

In Enshrouded, the duplication glitch exploits the border of the base to cause this glitch.

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How To Perform The Duplication Glitch In Enshrouded?

Players must follow various steps to successfully perform the duplication glitch in Enshrouded. They are:

  1. Players must visit their base to begin this glitch as this glitch is related to the border of the base.
  2. They must look for a blue line at the border of their base which separates it from the map.
    blue line for the duplication glitch in enshrouded
    Spotting blue border line for the duplication glitch.
  3. Now players must open their build menu and select a structure that they want to place in the base.
  4. They must only select the structure according to the resources that they want to duplicate.
  5. For example, players must select the build assembly line if they want to duplicate ingots.
  6. To execute the glitch, players must place their builds at the same time they go out of the blue line.
  7. Finally, they can destroy the built structures to get the resources back.

In Enshrouded, players can only place the structures when they are inside their base.

Hence, if they somehow manage to place a structure as they are moving out of the base, the game won’t use resources.

Tips And Tricks To Use The Glitch

Since the duplication glitch requires some practice to perform, players can use the following steps to ease the process:

  • Set up two chests at the base edge in a V-shape, so that you are at the frame-perfect spot.
    placing boxes to help with the glitch
    An attempt to place a chest at the border to help with the duplication glitch.
  • Players can crouch while doing this glitch as it helps them to find the perfect spot for the glitch.
  • They can also limit their game FPS to 30 from the settings to aid them in the glitch.
  • Use assembly lines, flower pots, and electric furnaces since they have a bunch of useful materials on them.
  • Press R when you’re in the chest to automatically take out the things only the chest has from your inventory.

Will The Duplication Glitch Get You Banned?

No, the game will not ban players from using the infinite resource glitches in the game.

This is because the game is very new and it is bound to encounter some bugs and glitches.

So, popularizing these exploits helps developers become aware of them to look for a fix.

Also, the glitch is a result of some backend error, meaning that it was not the player’s fault to begin with.

So players can use it for a limited time until the developers patch this issue in future updates.

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