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How To Enter An Ancient Spire Tower In Enshrouded?

Find A Way To Enter The Ancient Spire is a quest in Enshrouded where players have to reach the top of the tower.

The tower is an excellent place to search for valuable loot and a place to unlock fast travel points in the game.

However, reaching the tower is a challenging task and players are curious to know how to enter it.

Continue reading to learn more about the Ancient Spire Tower and how to enter it in Enshrouded.

Ancient Spire Tower In Enshrouded

The Ancient Spire Tower is a location in Enshrouded, where players can unlock a Fast Travel point and find some loot and lore.

It is part of a quest given by Oswald, who tells you about the Ancients who built the towers to survey the land.

The Ancient Spires are located in the Whispering Woods, east of Braelyn Bridge.

ancient spire in Enshrouded
Way to enter the Ancient Spire Tower in Enshrouded.

The tower has five levels, each with its own challenges, secrets, and traps.

Additionally, the tower is also a great place to use the gliders for fast travel.

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Find A Way To Enter The Ancient Spire In Enshrouded

‘Find A Way To Enter The Ancient Spire’ is a quest in Enshrouded where players have to reach the top of the tower.

Further, after clearing your first Elixer well, the Ancient Spire quest begins while talking to Oswald about ‘Scaling Ancient Spire’.

The quest mainly consists of two steps:

1. Build A Grappling Hook

The Grappling hook is the only resource while navigating through the Ancient Spire tower in the game.

Hence, before entering the tower, players should start by building a grappling hook.

The resources required to build the hook are Strings, Metal scraps, and Shroud Spores.

grappling hook enshrouded for ancient tower
Players can craft the Grappling hook after collecting all the resources.

Further, these resources are easy to find, and players can find them scattered anywhere.

  • Strings: Picking up plants
  • Metal Scraps: Enemies with little pass
  • Shroud Spores: Enemies

After collecting the resources, craft the item on the Crafting bench in the game.

Likewise, players should Head back toward Braelyn Bridge and use their Grappling Hook to get across the tower.

2. Solve Puzzles

The Ancient Spire Tower in Enshrouded is an exciting and challenging place with surprises.

Further, the path to the Spire involves activating switches, dodging traps, and navigating platforming challenges.

Likewise, players must think strategically and use their skills to overcome them.

Keep your eyes peeled for secret doorways, levers tucked away in corners, and lore books that might offer clues.

Additionally, explore the tower many times to get rewards from the chests in different locations.

tower reached Enshrouded
Players can unlock the Fast Travel points after reaching the top of the Tower.

Once you get to the top, you can interact with a lit brazier to reveal the map of Embervale.

Additionally, the fast travel points is unlocked, and players can easily use it to travel to different locations using the gliders.

You can also find a lore book titled The Ancient Spire, The Final Beacon, which tells you more about the history and purpose of the spires.

Overall, to reach the top of the tower in Enshrouded, players must solve various puzzles and use a grappling hook to navigate the different levels.

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