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Flour In Enshrouded: How To Get It?

Flour is an important ingredient for players in Enshrouded as it is used in the game’s culinary recipes.

Players require flour to survive in Enshrouded, an expansive realm that combines exploration, crafting, and cooking.

When consumed, flour increases Constitution by 5 and Dexterity by 1.

Continue reading to learn about flour, its cooking recipes, and how to get it in Enshrouded.

How To Get Flour In Enshoruded?

Cooking is an important component of Enshrouded since it gives players numerous stat bonuses that might help them survive the game.

Further, in Enshrouded, flour is a cooking component used for making various cooking recipes like Meat Wrap and Flatbread.

It is obtained by grinding wheat in a millstone, which may be built on a workbench using 10 wood and 5 stone.

To make flour in Enshrouded, put wheat grains on grinding stones.

In addition, to add grinding stones to your base, you’ll need the Alchemist NPC.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to getting flour in Enshrouded:

  1. Find Wheat Grains: Wheat grains may be found in several biomes, including Revelwood and Nomad Highlands.
  2. Craft Grinding Stones: Grinding stones may be crafted in the Alchemy Station. Grinding stones are the perfect tool for grinding wheat.
  3. Add grinding stones to your base: After you’ve got the Alchemist NPC in your base, you may add the grinding stones.
  4. Place wheat grains into grinding stones: Put the wheat grains in the grinding stones to make flour. Then, collect the flour after grinding the wheat.
alchemist flour
Find Alchemist using this map.

It is crucial to remember that crafting recipes is essential for survival in Enshrouded.

Further, it allows you to manufacture various goods such as weapons, armor, accessories, and decorations.

Moreover, you can easily get flour in the game to create various recipes and boost your character’s attributes.

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Cooking Recipes Using Flour In Enshrouded

Flour is an essential cooking ingredient that players can use to craft various recipes.

Likewise, Flour can provide you with buffs to your Constitution, Strength, and Intelligence depending on the dish you make.

Here are some examples of culinary dishes with flour:

1. Bread

Bread gives +10 Constitution and +2 Dexterity when a player consumes.

Therefore, players can use an oven with 2 flour, and 1 water to craft bread in Enshrouded.

Cooking recipe flour
Use a campfire or oven to cook food.

2. Pancakes

Players can make Pancakes in Enshroued using an oven with 1 flour, 1 egg, and 1 milk.

Further, consuming pancakes provides players with +5 Constitution and +5 Stamina.

3. Pizza

When a player consumes pizza, it increases Constitution by +10 and Dexterity by 5.

Thus, players can use an oven with 1 flour, 1 tomato, 1 cheese, and 1 meat to craft Pizza in the game.

Other Crafting Recipes

Apart from these recipes, some other Enshrouded crafting recipes also require flour.

Other crafting recipes that require flour are as follows:

Hunter Hood

It increases ranged critical strike chance by 14% and critical strike damage by 11%.

Similarly, crafting at a blacksmith requires 3x fossilized bone dust, 4x leather, 3x resin, and 4x mint mushroom meat.

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