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What Are Underwater Caves In Coral Island?

In Coral Island, an underwater cave is a special oceanic location with many quests and rewards.

Moreover, players are quite excited about what the caves signify and what things to do inside them.

Underwater caves in Coral Island are special oceanic locations where players explore, clear trash, and heal corals using a scuba suit, way stones, and scythe.

In this article, we will learn about underwater caves in Coral Island.

Underwater Cave In Coral Island

In Coral Island, an underwater cave is a special place beneath the ocean where players can explore the mysterious depths.

There exist four underwater caves, located within the Se Pulu (10m), Dua Pulu (20m), Empat Pulu (40m), and Lima Pulu (50m) areas.

These caves hold secrets, forageable items, and even hidden civilizations waiting to be discovered.

underwater caves
Underwater Caves are under the ocean.

However, players must dive into the underwater cave, equipped with a scuba suit and accompanied by a friendly robot.

Their primary goal is to heal the corals by clearing away trash from the ocean floor using a scythe.

These caves are an exciting and important part of Coral Island, giving players a special underwater adventure.

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How To Clean Underwater Cave In Coral Island?

Follow this guide to clean the Underwater Cave in Coral Island:

1. Gear Up For Adventure

Firstly, you must safely equip your scuba suit to explore Coral Island’s underwater caves.

This special suit is your key to discovering the mysteries beneath the ocean.

Moreover, not only that, this suit ensures your safety under the water.

2. Teleport With Way Stones

Use the magical Way Stones to teleport instantly to different underwater cave locations.

Additionally, the stones make it easy to explore the vast ocean depths.

3. Dive In And Clean Up

Plunge into the underwater cave with your Scythe Tool and engage in the crucial task of clearing trash.

The trash is scattered across the ocean floor and you must clear it to heal vital coral sites.

Further, this hands-on approach is also essential to unlocking the secrets hidden within the underwater landscape.

clear trash coral island
Clean up the trash and heal the Coral.

4. Hunt For Solar Orbs

You should also watch for small golden solar orbs hidden in the trash.

These orbs are crucial for revitalizing coral sites and maintaining the health of the underwater environment.

5. Power Up With The Scythe

You must now empower the solar orbs by using your scythe which is a versatile tool.

The scythe cleans up the ocean floor and activates the hidden energy sources.

This action initiates a transformative process, breathing life back into the previously contaminated coral sites.

6. Clear The Path

Identify and remove specific pieces of trash marked in red which are strategically positioned to obstruct the flow of solar energy.

Further, clearing these obstacles ensures the healing energy reaches its destination, restoring coral sites.

7. Witness Cinematic Scenes

Experience the enchantment of Coral Island’s underwater world through cinematic scenes that unfold as the coral sites are healed.

These captivating visuals provide glimpses into the thriving marine life and the beauty that emerges once the ocean floor is restored.

8. Interact with Sea Creatures

In the midst of your underwater exploration, you may encounter freed sea turtles or seals.

Interacting with these creatures adds charm to your journey and rewards you with stamina-replenishing snacks.

This also ensures that you can continue your adventures smoothly.

9. Progress Through Quests

Embark on quests that guide you through significant milestones, such as following retreated roots and unlocking doors.

Also, these quests are integral to advancing your journey and ultimately gaining access to the Merfolk Kingdom.

10. Teleport And Unlock

Master teleportation between underwater caves, using your newfound knowledge to clear trash, activate solar orbs, and heal coral sites.

This dynamic process also continuously unlocks new areas and quests, offering a cycle of exploration and discovery in the underwater realm.

The Bottom Line

In summary, underwater caves in Coral Island are not just special places; they are gateways holding secrets.

In Coral Island, players must dive to heal corals by clearing ocean floor trash with a scythe. 

Similar to mining in other games, these caves offer interactions with sea creatures and quests to unlock new areas.

Happy Gaming!

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