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How To Find And Use Dirt Road Block In Enshrouded?

Crafting a dirt road block allows you to create unique pathways for your adventure in Enshrouded.

In Enshrouded, dirt road blocks act as a creative tool in a special building mode, allowing players to draw paths on the ground.

As adventurers explore, players can collect these blocks using a pickaxe and follow visible roads or trails.

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Where To Find The Dirt Road Block In Enshrouded?

In the Enshrouded game, you can find the Dirt Road Block by using your pickaxe to gather it from various locations on the map.

Dirt Road blocks are commonly scattered all over, and you can collect them by interacting with the ground where the dirt road is visible.

Additionally, these are often found around structures and camps, making exploration crucial for resource gathering.

To locate Dirt Road Blocks follow these steps:

1. Explore The Map

Enshrouded offers a diverse and expansive game map with various terrains and regions.

You need to navigate through different locations, keeping an eye out for visible paths, roads, or trails.

The Dirt Road Blocks are commonly found along these paths, making exploration crucial to gathering resources.

2. Use The Pickaxe

You should equip your character with a pickaxe, an essential tool for resource gathering in Enshrouded.

Moreover, you should approach the areas where the dirt road is present and interact with the ground using the pickaxe.

You can gather Dirt Road Blocks by clicking or pressing the action button, and these blocks come from the ground itself.

Crafting dirt road with the help of axe
Crafting dirt road with the help of a pickaxe.

3. Look For Visible Roads

Dirt roads serve as navigation routes and are visually distinguishable in the game.

Furthermore, Explore regions where you see these dirt roads, as they often indicate high chances of finding Dirt Road Blocks.

These roads may connect different locations, camps, or structures, providing opportunities for resource collection.

4. Check Around Structures

Dirt Road Blocks are commonly found around structures, camps, and other points of interest.

Investigate the areas surrounding buildings or camps, as dirt roads are frequently present in these locations.

The proximity of structures can be an indicator of Dirt Road Blocks, contributing to your building material resources.

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How to Use Dirt Road Block In Enshrouded?

In Enshrouded, using Dirt Road Blocks is like drawing on the ground in a special building mode, where you create paths.

When you press the right button, you pick the Dirt Road Block and click where you want to start your road.

Furthermore, you can keep clicking to make the road go wherever you like, creating paths and walkways in the game.

It is effective for connecting various locations and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your surroundings in Enshrouded.

You can even change the road later if you want. So, when building in Enshrouded, play around with Dirt Road Blocks.

Exploring Alternative Pathways: Beyond Dirt Road in Enshrouded

Enshrouded, adventurers have more than just the Dirt Road to traverse.

Cobblestone Roads, resembling sturdy paths, can be found by mining large dirt piles in Morwenna, near the Carpenter’s location.

While obtaining stone material, these piles reveal the versatile Cobblestone Road, offering an aesthetically pleasing alternative.

Additionally, players can manipulate existing roads, including paved stone roads, using a rake.

disassebling the road
Disassembling the road to make Cobblestone Road in Enshrouded, unlike dirt road.

With a thoughtful process of leveling the ground and subsequently paving the road, you can extend it without requiring extra materials.

Trying different road-building makes Enshrouded more fun, offering diverse options to create perfect pathways within you.

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