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Palworld Big Tree: Giant Island With Melpaca

In Palworld, a mysterious big tree has caught the attention of many players and is creating a buzz within the gaming community.

Many players seek ways to get to the tree’s location and explore its secrets.

Moreover, the big tree lies past invisible barriers far beyond the sea that you can reach using your flying mount.

Continue reading to find out more about how to reach the big tree in Palworld.

How To Reach The Big Tree In Palworld?

The big tree is located far beyond the sea in the northwest corner of the map.

Reaching the big tree in Palworld is not as easy as it sounds as there are various challenges on the way.

However, there are a few methods and strategies that can get you as close as possible to the big tree.

As the big tree is far beyond the sea, you will need a flying mount to fly across the sea.

Flying to the big tree in palworld
To get near the big tree in Palworld you must ride on a flying mount and fly across the sea.

You can ride on a flying mount to the northwest corner and reach the island of the giant tree.

As you fly near the big tree you will encounter an invisible barrier that blocks your way to the tree.

Hence, many players are trying to get past this invisible wall to reach the giant tree.

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Invisible Wall Of Big Tree Island With Melpaca

The invisible wall has a red tint to it which is labelled as a red barrier in Palworld.

The giant tree is just across the red barrier, so players are eager to get past the invisible wall.

second invisible wall to the big tree
As you fly near to the giant tree you will find an invisible red barrier blocking your way.

Furthermore, if you try to fly over the red barrier, you still can’t get past it as it is very high above.

So the solution to get past the red barrier and reach the giant tree is to go under the invisible red wall.

1. Throw Melpaca Below The Water

Once you are near the red barrier, you can jump out of your flying mount into the sea and unsummon it.

After unsomming, you must throw a Melpaca Pal into the sea by aiming it slightly below the water’s surface.

By doing so, the Malpeca can glitch underneath the water and get past the invisible wall.

Hence, if the Malpeca does not come to the surface of the water but you still see its name, the glitch is successful.

Next, you must hold the F button while swimming and this will lead you right underneath the ocean’s floor.

The best part about this glitch is you will not drown so you can ride on your Melpaca easily.

2. Sprint Forward With The Melpaca

Once you land on the ocean floor,  ride on your Melpaca and follow the invisible wall’s border to the end.

After you reach the endpoint of the invisible wall on your Melpaca, you must sprint forward with it.

Hence, it will take approximately 10 seconds for you to reach the other side of the invisible red barrier.

Once you get past the red barrier, you can summon your flying mount to reach the giant tree island.

Ride on melpaca to reach big tree
Ride on your Melpaca underneath the ocean’s floor to reach the end of the invisible barrier and print forward.

However, the frustrating part is you will again find another invisible wall blocking your way to the giant tree.

Even though you can go past the first invisible wall into the island of the giant tree, the game doesn’t let you go to the tree.

So you can build your base station and pal station on the island of the big tree and wait for future updates.

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