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Enshrouded Loom For The Hunter: Collect Rug And Curtain

Crafting is a key game aspect, as players must create various items and structures to survive and progress.

One of the important craftspeople in Enshrouded is the Hunter, who can provide essential upgrades to the players.

Furthermore, one of the quests for Hunter in Enshrouded is Loom For The Hunter which is to collect and craft loom from the Hunter.

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What Is The Loom For The Hunter In Enshrouded?

Loom for the Hunter is a quest item that is required to complete the Hunter’s storyline and unlock his full potential.

The Hunter is a craftsperson who can create Dried Fur, which is essential for backpack upgrades, as well as other useful items.

The Loom for the Hunter is a device that allows the Hunter to weave animal fur into durable fabric.

Athalan Skree The Hunter Character in Enshrouded.

Moreover, the hunter is one of the five craftspeople who offers various quests for players progression and collect items.

How To Get The Loom For The Hunter In Enshrouded?

To get the loom for the hunter, the player first needs to unlock the Hunter as a craftsperson.

The player needs to find the Hunter’s Ancient Vault in the Autumn Hills, which is marked by a red arrow on the map.

Map of the location of Hunter’s Ancient Vault.

The vault is guarded by several bear-men enemies, as well as electric orbs that shoot from the walls.

The player needs to use the grappling hook to swing across the platforms and reach the vault.

Inside, the player will find the Hunter, who can be awakened using the Summoning Staff.

The player can then place the Hunter in their base, where she will offer her crafting services.

To craft the loom for the hunter, the player must complete a quest given by the Hunter.

The quest consists of three steps:

  • Step 1: The first step is to find a loom blueprint in East Lapis town, which is located in the Winterlands.The player needs to go to the second story of a building and look for a chest that contains the blueprint.
  • Step 2: The second step is to gather the materials for the loom, which are 10 pieces of wood, 10 pieces of iron, and 10 pieces of cloth. The player can find these materials in various locations, such as forests, caves, and camps.
  • Step 3: The Third step is to build the loom for the hunter in the Red Shroud. The player needs to find a suitable spot to place the loom and defend it from the enemies that will attack.

Once the loom is built, the player can use it to craft items using the Hunter’s recipes.

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What Are Recipes For The Loom For The Hunter In Enshrouded?

The loom for the hunter unlocks several recipes that can help the player improve their equipment and base.

Here are some of the recipes that the Loom for the Hunter offers in Enshrouded:

1. Dried Fur

This is the most important item that the loom for the hunter can make, as it is required for backpack upgrades.

The backpack is the main storage space for the player, and upgrading it can increase its capacity and durability.

Likewise, to make dried fur, the player needs 1 salt and 1 animal fur, which can be obtained from hunting animals.

Dried Fur
Craft Dried Fur using workshops.

2. Leather

This is another useful item that the loom for the hunter can make, as it helps to upgrade armor and weapons.

The armor and weapons are the main tools for combat and survival, and upgrading them can increase their stats and effects.

Furthermore, to make leather, the player needs 1 salt and 2 animal fur.

3. Rug

This is a decorative item that the loom for the hunter can make, which can add some color and comfort to the player’s base.

The rug on the floor can also provide some insulation from the cold.

Similarly, to make a rug, the player needs 5 cloth and 5 animal fur.

4. Curtain

This is another decorative item that the loom for the hunter can make, which can add some privacy and style to the player’s base.

When the curtain is on the window of any structure, it can also block some light and noise.

Moreover, the player needs 3 clothes and 3 animal fur to make a curtain.

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