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Persona 3 Reload: How To Defeat Lighting Eagle?

Persona 3 Reload welcomes many boss fights and players wonder how to defeat the Lighting Eagle in the game.

Players must learn about the resistance and weakness of each enemy to effectively take them down.

Specifically, players must use the wind to battle the Lighting Eagles as they are weak to them.

Continue reading this article to learn how to defeat Lighting Eagle in Persona 3 Reload.

Lighting Eagle In Persona 3

Persona 3 Reload features a variety of enemies in the game, especially during clearing different floors.

One such enemy is called the Lighting Eagle, which appears during the early stages of Arqa.

This enemy spawns alongside the Will o Wisp Raven which is the first boss to encounter Arqa.

lightning eagle persona 3 reload
An in-game appearance of Lighting Eagle in Persona 3 Reload.

Specifically, they are winged enemies that deal lighting damage to players during each turn.

Hence, they must take down these enemies before taking down the main boss Wiss O’ Wisp Raven.

Therefore, the best way to take them out is by using an All-out attack as soon as they appear.

Players will unlock more boss stages after defeating these enemies for bigger challenges and better rewards.

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Lighting Eagle Weakness In Persona 3 Reload

Every enemy in Persona 3 Reload comes with resistances and elemental weaknesses to balance combat.

Hence, players must learn about these gimmicks if they want to clear these stages with ease.

Specifically, the Lighting Eagle has one major weakness which is the elemental wind.

So players must prioritize using Wind Personas during the battle to take these Lighting Eagles down.

Also, players must not confuse the Eagles with the Raven as it is resistant to both wind and fire.

Players can use an All-out attack to determine the enemy type as the Lighting Eagles take the most damage.

Defeating Lighting Eagle In Persona 3

Players will encounter the Lighting Eagle during Floor 28 in the first stages of discovering Arqa.

Also, players are caught by surprise as these enemies suddenly flank them out of nowhere.

Hence, learning about the tips below can help them overcome these adversaries and kill the boss:

  • Players must use an All-out Attack from the get-go to defeat these enemies.
all out attack persona 3 reload
Using an All-out attack In Persona 3 Reload to defeat Lighting Eagles and Raven.
  • They must cycle the turn to Yukari to take down both Lighting Eagles with Garu.
  • Using a Wind persona is the best way to take them down as they take the most damage from it.
  • Players must only attack the Raven after they eliminate both the eagles as they deal massive damage.
  • Finally, they must repeat the process until they take out both enemies.

Does The Raven Have The Same Weaknesses As the Eagles?

No, the Raven does not share the same weaknesses as the two eagles as it is a stronger boss.

Specifically, the Raven is only weak to ice elements and resistant to both fire and wind.

Therefore, players must plan a proper tactic to take it down after learning the following tips:

  • Players must utilize Yuki and her ice persona Asparas to knock down the Will O’Wisp Raven. 
  • When the raven is down, players must instantly use an All-out attack to deal the most damage.
  • But they must repeat this sequence as this boss does not go down with only one attack.
  •  Use magic to increase evasion and occasionally heal her if she takes heavy damage.
  • Finally, players can take down the Raven after defeating both eagles, leaving him alone.
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