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Where To Find The Miasma Sack In Enshrouded?

Enshrouded is a survival game set in a huge, mysterious universe of resources and materials.

The Shroud Sack is a significant resource in the game since it can be utilized in various crafting processes and to upgrade the Flame Altar.

However, the game mentions another bag: the “miasma sack,” which is necessary for a stronger glider.

Continue reading to learn about shroud sacks, where to find miasma sacks, and how to craft gliders using sacks in Enshrouded.

Introduction To Shroud Sacks In Enshrouded

Shroud Sacks are a necessary crafting resource in Enshrouded.

They can only be discovered in heavily shrouded places and are dropped by two sorts of enemies:

  • Blue flower-like creatures
  • Red four-legged entities

Some major points concerning Shroud Sacks are:

  1. You can exclusively find them in heavily shrouded locations.
  2. Two kinds of enemies drop them: blue flower-like creatures and red four-legged animals.
  3. Shroud Sacks are also extremely hard to locate in chests with heavily Shrouded places.
  4. Shroud Sacks cannot be crafted and must be gained by fighting the aforementioned creatures or looting chests in severely shrouded locations.

Shroud Sacks are used for various crafting processes and to upgrade the Flame Altar.

For example, the Advanced Glider takes eight Shroud Sacks. Therefore, they may also be used to make Shroud Arrows.

However, this is not a frequent practice owing to the time necessary for collecting Shroud Sacks.

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Where To Find Miasma Sack In Enshrouded?

In Enshrouded, Miasma Sacks are different and unique sorts of sacks.

They are essential for a better glider, but there is little information accessible about them.

foes miasma sack
Explore and kill foes to discover more about the miasma sack.

Therefore, miasma sacks are less popular and unknown than shrouded sacks.

However, there is not much information about the miasma sack and how to obtain it.

To collect Miasma Sacks, search for them in heavily Shrouded locations or kill specified foes.

miasma sack
Discussion on Reddit about the miasma sack.

As for now, exploring the shrouded locations and killing some foes is the best way to find the Miasma Sack in Enshrouded.

According to a Reddit post, a better glider requires a miasma sack.

How To Craft Gliders Using Sack?

To make a glider using Shroud Sacks in Enshrouded, gather the appropriate materials and utilize a Workbench.

The steps and resources needed are as follows:

1. Gather Materials

To build a glider, you will need the following materials:

  1. 8 shrouds of wood
  2. 2 animal furs
  3. 2 strings.
  4. 2 Shroud Spores.

2. Crafting Process

Once you’ve acquired the necessary materials, you may build the glider on a Workbench.

Therefore, you need a workbench to unlock the glider recipe.

To construct the Workbench, you must manufacture three pieces of Plant Fiber String and eight wooden logs.

3. Equipping The Glider

After creating the glider, you must equip it in the Character panel.

Therefore, you can choose a glider on the left side of the character screen.

By following these instructions and obtaining the proper resources, you may create and equip a glider in Enshrouded.

Thus, it will allow you to glide through the air and explore the game’s vast universe.

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