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Finding The Masonry Tools: Enshrouded Pillars Of Creation

In Enshrouded, players can complete the quest in Pillars of Creation after unlocking Cade Hawthorn.

Similarly, players get a set of quests that are directly linked to the Pillars of Creation.

Completing all the quests in Pillars of Creation will help players boost their abilities in crafting within the game.

Continue reading to learn more about obtaining masonry tools in the Pillars of Creation in Enshrouded.

What Are Pillars Of Creation In Enshrouded?

In Enshrouded, the Pillars of Creation are special locations on the game map that play a big role in your adventure.

Furthermore, these pillars are found in the east-center part of the Enshrouded world.

These are important spots in Enshrouded where you can find valuable resources to enhance your character’s skills.

Likewise, completing missions that link with pillars of creation will help you get better at building things in Enshrouded.

You can discover new tools, recipes, and valuable items from the Pillars of Creation and use them to create robust structures.

So, completing tasks in these spots is a way of getting better and having more fun in Enshrouded.

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Finding The Masonry Tools In Enshrouded

As you progress in the game, you will eventually encounter a quest called Finding the Masonry tools.

Hence, this specific quest will lead you to a specific area within the Pillars of Creation known as the Inner Sanctum.

Furthermore, the Inner Sanctum is a secret and hidden location within the Pillars of Creation in Enshrouded.

Unlock Cade for Finding the masonry tools quest
Completing the Finding the Masonry Tools quest helps unlock new abilities and tools for your Carpenter.

This secret place has various valuable resources and tools for boosting your character’s crafting and fighting skills in the game.

You must find the Inner Sanctum to complete the Finding the Masonry Tools quest in Enshrouded.

Hence, finding the masonry tools helps you make strong and long-lasting structures in Enshrouded.

A Quest From Cade Hawthorn

You will get the Finding the Masonry Tools quest when you meet Cade Hawthorn, the Carpenter character in the game.

Furthermore, Cade Hawthorn is a craftsman who is an essential ally in crafting structures in Enshrouded.

You must unlock the carpenter by completing the Alchemist quest called the Carpentry Assistance.

Cade The Carpenter Enshrouded
Cade Hawthorn will give you the quest to find the Masonry tools that you must complete by exploring the Pillars of creation.

Once, you unlock Cade Hawthron, he will give you new quests that help you craft and make progress in the game.

Hence, finding the masonry tools is one of the quests from Cade Hawthorn that requires you to collect valuable tools for crafting.

Completing quests for Cade Hawthorn allows you to unlock crafting recipes and tools and even expand your base’s abilities.

How To Complete Finding the Masonry Tools Quest?

To complete the quest to find the masonry tools in Enshrouded, you can follow the guide below:

  1. The first step after unlocking Cade Hawthron is to talk to him and accept the Finding the Masonry Tools quest.
  2. Next, find the note the Imperial Gardens which is located near the statue in Pikemead’s Peak.
  3. Read the note to get a clue or information about the location of the Masonry tools.
  4. The note will give you the information about the Masonry tool’s location in the Inner Sanctum.
  5. Head to the Inner Sanctum within the Pillars of Creation.
  6. Search the Inner Sanctum and look for interactable objects representing the Masonry tools.
  7. When you find the Masonry Tools, interact with them by following the instructions on your screen.
  8. Return to Cade Gawthron to inform him that you have found the Masonry Tools.

Hence, the quest of finding the Masonry tools is completed and you may get XPs, new abilities, or additional tools as your reward.

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