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A Guide To Elephant In Ready Or Not

Ready or Not is a realistic tactical shooter game that lets you play as a SWAT officer.

You have to deal with various scenarios, such as hostage rescue, bomb defusal, and active shooter situations.

One of the most challenging and controversial missions in Ready or Not is Elephant, where you have to stop a school shooting and disarm a bomb. Furthermore, to complete this mission it requires strategic planning and execution.

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What Is Elephant In Ready Or Not?

Elephant is the 11th mission in Ready or Not, and it is based on the infamous Columbine High School massacre of 1999.

You are deployed to a suburban high school, where two armed students have opened fire on their classmates and teachers.

They have also planted several bombs around the school, which you have to find and disable before they detonate.

Elephant mission
Elephant mission in Ready or Not.

The mission is very difficult, as you have to deal with multiple threats, such as the shooters, the bombs, and the panicked civilians.

Here you have to follow strict rules of engagement, as you cannot shoot unless you are fired upon or see a weapon.

The mission is also very emotional, as you witness the carnage and the trauma caused by the shooters.

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How To Complete Elephant Mission In Ready Or Not?

The Elephant mission is a complex task that requires careful planning and execution in Ready or Not.

Here are some tips to help you complete the mission successfully:

1. Plan Your Approach

Before you begin the mission, take some time to plan your approach.

Study the map and identify the entry points, rooms, and potential hazards.

Assign roles to your team members and decide on the best way to enter the building.

2. Secure The Perimeter

Once you have entered the building, secure the perimeter to prevent enemies from entering or escaping.

You should use your mirror gun to check the corners and the doors, as the shooters may ambush you from behind.

Use flashbangs and smoke grenades to disorient the enemies and gain the upper hand.

3. Locate And Defuse The Bombs

The primary objective of the mission is to locate and defuse the bombs.

The bombs are located in different parts of the building, so you will need to search each room carefully.

Use your bomb defusal kit to defuse the bombs and move on to the next one.

Locate and Defuse the Bombs
Locate and defuse the Bombs to complete the mission.

4. Rescue The Hostages

In addition to defusing the bombs, you will also need to rescue the hostages.

The hostages are located in different parts of the building, so you will need to search each room carefully.

For this, use your team members to cover you while you rescue the hostages.

5. Eliminate The Enemies

The building is filled with enemies, so you will need to eliminate them to complete the mission successfully.

You have to use your tactical skills and your firepower to take them down, and you have to be prepared for a showdown in the library.

Use your weapons and equipment to take out the enemies and clear the building.

Eliminate the Enemies
Eliminate the Enemies to complete the mission.

The Bottom Line

Elephant is one of the most intense and realistic missions in Ready or Not, and it requires a lot of skill and courage to complete.

It is also a very sensitive and controversial topic, as it depicts a real-life tragedy that shocked the world.

However, you should also be aware of the potential emotional impact and the ethical implications of playing this mission.

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