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Why Your ESPN Waiver Wire Is Not Working? Possible Reasons

ESPN players are puzzled and frustrated as their Waiver Wire Claim to snatch up the player they bid for is not working.

Players rely on the waiver wire system to boost their team’s prospects and to stay competitive in various leagues.

To solve the ESPN Waiver Wire not working Issue, you must find out why your claim is not processing. A low waiver wire position, lower bids etc are a few reasons why your Waiver claim is not processing.

Continue reading to find out more about the reasons that lead to your ESPN Waiver Wire not working issue and how you can address it.

What Is ESPN Waiver Wire?

The ESPN Waiver Wire is a vital feature within the ESPN Fantasy Football games that are cherished by millions of football lovers.

This platform empowers users to become the architects of their football teams and enables them to make vital changes to their lineups.

ESPN app
The ESPN Waiver Wire is a critical feature within the world of ESPN Fantasy Football games.

Furthermore, ESPN players can compete against friends, families, and strangers through friendly rivalries and matchups.

The Waiver Wire System in ESPN is at the heart of this thrilling fantasy football experience.

Bidding And Offers To Claim The Player

Interestingly, it’s like the treasure chest where team managers snatch up valuable players who aren’t already on any team’s roster.

Thus, the bidding process to snatch up the player is very competitive, so if you bid higher, you can claim the player on your team.

Nonetheless, there is some frustration hanging over this system today.

waiver claiming
You can bid higher for the player to claim the player on your team.

Several reports indicate that ESPN Fantasy Football users are going through various problems related to their waiver claims.

Players are left hanging in a state of Limbo when their waiver wire claim fails instead of resulting in successful player accession.

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Reasons: Why Your ESPN Waiver Wire Is Not Working?

ESPN Fantasy Football has many reasons that explain why the waiver wire pickup will not have worked properly for you.

Sometimes, such factors are frustrating to the team’s managers.

Hence, here are some of the common reasons why your ESPN waiver wire claims may not go through.

1. Higher Waiver Priority

When multiple team managers place a claim for the same player, the manager with the highest waiver priority is the one who gets the player.

Furthermore, your ESPN waiver wire claim will not pass the processing if another manager has a higher waiver wire position than yours.

2. Dropped Player No Longer on Your Team

You must drop an existing player from your team through waivers to make room for a new player.

Likewise, if the player you intend to drop has already been traded, dropped, or picked up by another, your waiver claim will not work.

Thus, this is the reason why your ESPN waiver wire is not working and cannot execute the transaction you requested.

3. Competing Offers For Your Waiver Wire To Work

Note that the waiver wire works on some ESPN leagues’ Free Agent Acquisition Budget (FAB) bidding system.

Therefore, if another team manager has already placed a higher bid on the same player, you might face a waiver wire not working issue.

In this regard, the claim for the player will be more competitive when team managers place higher bids that will trigger the issue.

Hence, if you have placed your bid lower comparatively to other team managers, there is a high chance that you will not get the player.

4. Check FAB Claim On Waiver Report And Offers Report

Furthermore, all the team managers in the ESPN league can access the Waiver or Offers Report made on each agent.

The Waiver and Offers Reports provide details on every waiver or FAB claim that has been filed within the league.

Waiver Reports and Offer reports
All the team managers in the ESPN league can view and access the Waiver or Offers Report.

Hence, checking these reports can help you understand why your waiver claim was unsuccessful.

Besides, you can see who made the competing claims, the players involved, and the amount of bids they went for in FAB leagues.

The Bottom Line

The waiver wire claim that is not processing will demean the game’s joy, disrupting players and affecting matchup results.

Understanding league rules, such as waiver priorities and FAB budgets, will help you make intelligent waiver moves.

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