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The Adventure Of Glint And His Guardian In Destiny 2

The players of Destiny 2 s are excited to learn how Glint sets out on a journey to find his Guardian.

Destiny 2 will reveal the hidden secrets about the histories of different people through the adventure of Glitch and his new Guardian.

Glint is the new name for a character named Pulled Pork. Glint resurrects Uldren Sovas, who is lately known as Crow as his Guardian and takes on an adventure with him full of ups and downs. The friendship between Glint and his Guardian, Crow, is a big part of their story in Destiny 2.

Please continue reading to learn about Glint and how he finds his Guardian for their adventure throughout Destiny 2.

Who Is Glint In Destiny 2?

Glint is a ghost with a new name for the well-known character Pulled Pork in the Destiny 2 game.

Further, Glint bears the title of the sweet Ghost, and his journey and partnership with Crow are paramount to the game’s lore and story.

The Glint
The Glint is a ghost with a new name for Pulled Pork in the Destiny 2 game.

How Does Glint Search For The New Guardian?

The quest of Glint will lead to a journey across the solar system to search for his new Guardian.

Glint will travel across the solar system and even go as far as the Reef to search for his Guardian.

However, his determination and will to find a new Guardian never let this stop the search.

What Does Glint Discover In Dreaming City?

As a result, Glint’s journey eventually brought him to the Dreaming City, where he made a remarkable discovery.

While Glint was wandering in the Dream City, surprisingly, he found the lifeless body of an Awoken prince called Uldren Sov.

Uldren Sov The Crow Destiny 2
The Glint resurrects Uldren Sov using his Ghost abilities as his Guardian, later known as Crow.

 As soon as he finds the dead body, Glint resurrects Uldren Sov using his Ghost abilities as his Guardian, later known as Crow.

The Relationship Between Glint And The Crow

After Pulled Pork resurrects the dead body of Uldren Sov, he will rename himself Glint in the story.

While they travel together on adventures, facing challenges along the way, the bond between Glint and The Crow grows stronger.

However, their growing bond is surrounded by obstacles as other Guardians mistake Crow for his past self, Uldren Sov.

The adventure that Glint and Crow took uncovered secrets about the histories of various characters in the Destiny 2 universe.

These revelations significantly impacted Glint and Crow, adding depth to their characters and relationships.

How Does Glint Get Trapped In The Spider’s Web?

During their journey, Glint and Crow encounter an enemy named The Spider along the way.

Furthermore, The Spider creates the evil web to force Glint and Crow to serve him.

After this encounter, the adventure of Glint and Crow starts turning darker due to the new troubles of the Spider.

The Spider plots a dangerous plan and places a bomb inside Glint’s shell to eliminate Crow for his past doings.

Fortunately, the Young Wolf intervenes in the fight and helps them by freeing Crow from the Spider’s control.

Moreover,  he helps Glint by removing the bomb from Glint’s shell, ultimately giving a positive turn to their journey.

The Role Of The House of Light In Destiny 2

Furthermore, as Glint and the crow continue their journey, they reach the Last City, where the Vanguard welcomes them as scouts.

Glint and Crow came across a group of Eliksni called the House of Light as they continued their adventure in the Last City.

Next, the Last City will welcome the House of Light because the city needs help from a threat known as the Endless Night.

Glint and Crow encounter moments of tension when Crow feels compelled to assert his seriousness to maintain order.

The Bottom Line

Glint’s never-ending loyalty to Crow and his ability to see the good in his Guardian always stand out throughout their journey in the story.

The friendship between Glint and his Guardian, Crow, is a big part of their story in Destiny 2.

Besides, Glint’s positive attitude and sense of humor help them make tough times a little easier.

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