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How To Fix Not Getting Spectral And Manifested Pages In Destiny 2?

The Guardians of Destiny 2 are not getting the Manifested Pages as they cannot convert Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages.

To collect rewards, guardians must get and convert the Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages to insert into the Book of The Forgotten.

In Destiny 2, if you are not getting the Spectral Pages converting into Manifested pages, clear your Destiny 2 console or PC cache and complete both Strike and Haunted Sector.

Continue reading to find out ways to solve not getting Spectral and Manifested Pages in the Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost event.

Fix Not Getting The Spectral Pages Issue In Destiny 2

To get Spectral Pages and Manifested Pages in Destiny 2 during the Festival of the Lost event, follow these steps:

1. Visit Eva Levante In The Tower

First, you must visit the Tower to visit Eva Levante and begin your Festival of the lost event.

Furthermore, she will provide a quest that guides you through collecting Spectral Pages.

Likewise, Eva will also provide you with the quest that will guide you to get Spectral pages and convert them into Manifested Pages.

2. Equip A Festival Of The Lost Mask

If you are having trouble getting Spectral Pages, first, you must equip a Festival of the Lost mask.

Moreover, you can get these Lost masks as they are usually available during the Festival of the Lost event.

Get Spectral pages in destiny 2
Equip the Festival of the Lost mask and participate in Public events.

3. Collect The Spectral Pages

Now, get your Festival of the Lost mask equipped to get Spectral Pages by participating in various activities in the Destiny 2 universe.

Thus, the activities that will help you to get Spectral Pages are listed below:

  • Strikes/Nightfalls: You will get 3-5 Spectral Pages.
  • Lost Sectors: You will get 1 Spectral Page.
  • Public Events: You will get 2-3 Spectral Pages.
  • Seasonal activities (Ketchcrash, Expeditions, Nightmare Containment): You will get 5 Spectral Pages.
  • Crucible: You will get 3 Spectral Pages.
  • Gambit: You will get 3 Spectral Pages.
  • Raid: You will get 2 Spectral Pages per section.
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How To Get Manifested Pages In Destiny 2?

If you are facing trouble not getting the Manifested Pages, you can solve this issue by getting Spectral Pages first.

Hence, with Spectral Pages in your inventory, you can get Manifested Pages by converting Spectral Pages.

1. Defeat Headless Ones In The Haunted Sectors

In Destiny 2, Festival of the Lost event, you will face off against The Headless Ones, unique enemies with pumpkins on their neck cavities.

Likewise, your crucial role is to defeat Headless Ones in the Haunted Lost Sector playlist to convert Spectral pages into Manifested ones.

Defeat The headless ones
Festival of the Lost event, you will face off against The Headless Ones.

However, you can typically convert around a dozen pages by defeating at most minuscule 10 Headless Ones during the event.

2. Converting The Spectral Pages

Therefore, you must go to the Tower and look for the icon above the Tower landing zone to access the Haunted Sector playlist.

Consequently, if you have collected several Spectral Pages, run through the Haunted Lost Sector playlist multiple times to convert them all.

Fix Not Getting Manifested Pages Issue In Destiny 2

Players have issues not getting Manifested Pages as Spectral Pages are not converting to Manifested Pages in the Festival of the Lost event.

However, Bungie has acknowledged this problem and provided steps for the players of Destiny to address it.

These are the summary of the steps that will help you overcome this problem:

1. Clear Your Destiny 2 Console Or PC Cache

To clear the cache, you can typically power down your system and unplug it for at least five minutes.

If you are a PC player, you must follow the specific instructions on the platform(e.g., Steam) for clearing the cache.

2. Complete A Strike And A Haunted Sector

After clearing the cache, complete a Strike in Destiny 2.

After that, complete a Haunted Lost Sector in the special event playlist at the Tower.

This should help resolve the issue where Spectral Pages were not converting into Manifested pages correctly.

3. Ensure You Have Spectral Pages

Additionally, before entering the Haunted Lost Sector playlist, ensure you have Spectral Pages in your inventory.

Besides, watch for warning messages indicating you have no Spectral Pages.

Collect Your Rewards: Book Of The Forgotten

After collecting the Manifested Pages, you must return to the Tower and locate the Book of the Forgotten.

The book is generally positioned to the right of Eva Levante, who plays a central role in the Festival of the Lost event.

Unlock Manifested Pages Book of the Forgotten
Collect Manifested Pages return to the Tower and locate the Book of the Forgotten set.

Next, your task is to insert the Manifested Pages into the Book of the Forgotten to collect rewards.

Besides, you can also purchase a special event pass with exclusive rewards and review other challenges to complete during the event.

The Bottom Line

Please note that the Destiny 2′ developers frequently bring subsequent patches and updates to address such glitches.

Even after trying the fixes above, if you don’t get Manifested Pages, keep checking for Bungie’s official announcements.

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