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How To Clear Cave-In In BG3?

The Clear Cave In event is in one of the Quests in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

Players must play the Find True Soul Nere Quest and find some explosives to continue the Cave event.

To Clear the BG3 Cave In, Players must locate the explosives to destroy the entrance in Grymforge. Players can extract the Runepowder Vail from the Philomeen to save Nele in the Free True Soul Nere Quest. 

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What Is Free True Soul Nere?

Free True Soul Nere is among the many Badlur’s Gate 3 Quests.

Moreover, the Quest is obtained in Chapter XX of the season.

Further, Sergeant Thrinn NPC unlocks the Free True Soul Nere at the Grymforge location.

NPCs are the potent characters that guide players in future events, also some of them act as a merchant.

In this Quest, Players must complete the Clear Cave In objective to fully complete the mission.

How To Reach Clear Cave In?

 To reach Clear Cave In, Players have to complete four objectives prior.

The objectives include clearing the backside of Cave In to find a true Soul, as mentioned by Sergeant Thrinn.

Further, Players must clear the Rubble and save Nere from the Poisonous Gas in the backyard.

In contrast, players will receive a getaway by finding explosives in Cave In.

However, to begin the event, Players should approach Sergeant Thrinn at the Grymforge, Underdark.

Furthermore, Players should also avoid Duergar, who offers exclusive rewards to ditch True Soul Nere. 

Moreover, after Players use the long rest ability, they can interact with the Nele with the Telepath.

The True Soul Nere sounds terrified and requests you to hurry up as the poison spreads rapidly in the Cave.

Further, Players must locate the explosives by finding the Hand-drawn map in the Grymforge. 

Upon extracting the location, Players can find the bomb in the secret door (X: -587 Y: 390).

Lastly, ensure to obtain the Runepowder Vial and the hand Bomb from Philomeen.

Forcefully obtaining the Runepowder  from Philomeen

How To Clear Cave In? 

After Grabbing the Explosives and the Powder from the secret door, here’s how you Clear Cave In,

  1. Return to the Cave In location to save the True Soul Nele.
bg3 clear cave in
Returning to the Cave In to save True Soul Nele.
  1. Use the Runepowder Vial to destroy the entrance Rock of the Cave In.
Runepowder Vial
Using the Runepowder Vial to Destroy the Entrance of the Cave In
  1. Rescue the Soul King Nele from the Cave In.
bg3 clear cave in
Rescuing the True  Soul Nele from the Cave In.

Furthermore, players will receive exclusive rewards after saving the Nele from the poisonous gas from the Cave In.

However, the Duarger will Clear  Cave In before players if they are too late.

Hence, Players will Free the True Soul Nele dead and two Gnome Corpses, which may impact future events.

Nonetheless, Players can find items such as Dagger, Healing Potion, Gold Coins, Scream Sword, and seven others.

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The Bottom Line

To Clear the BG3 Cave In, players must extract the Runepowder Vial from Philomeen in the Grymforge.

Upon receiving the explosive, players should destroy the entrance of the Cave to save and complete Nele and the Quest.

Lastly, Ensure to Clear Cave In soon, as Duarger and Poison will leave him dead.

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