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Explosive Ballista Falconer In Last Epoch: Optimal Build Guide

The Last Epoch 1.0 releases on February 21, 2024, and players want an optimal build for the Explosive Ballista Falconer.

The Explosive Ballista Falconer is a dynamic build, combining the strategic placement of traps with the ballistas.

Moreover, this build uses the Falconer’s unique ability to deploy ballistas and create a deadly zone of control on the battlefield.

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What Is Falconer In Last Epoch?

The Falconer, the third mastery for the Rogue represents the tactical finesse.

Her trusty companion, the falcon, swoops down upon the foes, blinding them with its talons.

Together, they form an unstoppable duo that forms a synergy of strategy and savagery.

Falconer with her skill in Last Epoch.

Falconer Skill

The Falconer’s prowess lies in their unique skill set, which allows them to deploy ballistas and traps with precision.

Falconer has five skills which are:

  1. Falconry: This skill allows for a dynamic combat style, where the falcon acts as an extension of the Falconer’s will.
  2. Explosive Trap: Explosive Traps utilize 8 traps, with a 20% ballista chance and 50% mana reduction.
  3. Net: The Net skill is a tactical tool, immobilizing foes and setting them up for the falcon’s relentless strikes.
  4. Aerial Assault: Aerial Assault unleashes the falcon’s full potential, swooping down on enemies.
  5. Dive Bomb: Dive Bomb is the Falconer’s finishing move, a powerful descent that obliterates anything in its path.

Explosive Ballista Falconer In Last Epoch 1.0

In Last Epoch, the Explosive Ballista Falconer build centers around the synergy between traps and ballistas.

Furthermore, it allows players to rain destruction upon their foes with precision and power.

By strategically placing traps and utilizing ballistas triggered by explosive traps, players can create a cascade of explosions.

Core Mechanics

  • Ballista Spawn Chance: Utilizing a high ballista spawn chance of 160% with a 50% mana reduction.
  • Mana Management: The build avoids Falcon Strike due to its high mana cost, preserving mana for ballista deployment.
  • Attack Speed & Damage: Ballistas can achieve up to 237% attack speed with a double attack chance.
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Optimal Build For Explosive Ballista Falconer

To maximize the effectiveness of the Explosive Ballista Falconer, players must carefully consider their skill tree, gear selection, etc.

Here is the breakdown of the optimal build for Explosive Ballista Falconer:

1. Skill Tree Optimization

In the skill tree, prioritize nodes that enhance explosive trap damage, such as Armed Construction and Frigid Barrage.

These nodes increase damage output and provide additional utility, such as converting damage types and applying status effects.

Skill Tree Optimization
Skill Tree Optimization for Explosive Ballista Falconer build.

2. Passive Allocation

Invest heavily in dexterity nodes across different skill trees to boost ballista damage and critical strike chance.

Additionally, focus on defensive passives to ensure survivability in the heat of battle.

Coordinated Fade and Silver Shroud can provide valuable defensive buffs, while movement speed boosts help maneuverability.

Passive Allocation
Passive Allocation for Explosive Ballista Falconer build.

3. Gear Selection

Choose gear that complements the Explosive Ballista Falconer’s playstyle.

Furthermore, prioritize the items with reduced mana cost for throwing attacks and increased throwing attack speed.

Look for affixes that enhance critical strike chance and damage, as well as defensive bonuses.

Moreover, you can use critical strike avoidance and damage reduction against damage over time effects.

4. Transitioning Between Skills And Passives

Although the Falconer excels in offensive capabilities, it’s essential to strike a balance between offense and defense.

While focusing on maximizing damage output, don’t neglect defensive passives and gear choices.

By maintaining a sturdy defense, players can ensure survivability in challenging encounters while unleashing devastating firepower.

Tips For Explosive Ballista Falconer Build

Here are some of the tips for Explosive Ballista Falconer build:

  1. Stat Distribution: Aiming for 101 dexterity and a 100% crit chance on ballistas, boasts a substantial crit multiplier.
  2. Survivability: With over 2k HP, 44% dodge, critical immunity, and 46% endurance, the build will be tanky.
  3. Utility Skills: Instead of traps, the use of Acid Flask buffs ballistas, enhancing both offense and defense.
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