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Tips For Mounted Machine Gun Not Working Issue In Palworld

In Palworld, players are unable to defend their base as the Mounted Machine Gun is not working as it should.

Furthermore, the Mounted Machine Gun is a super strong guard tool for your base that helps keep the raider out from infiltrating.

But right now, players are having a tough time making it work perfectly during attacks.

Continue reading to find out more about why the Mounted Machine is not working and how to fix it in Palworld.

The Mounted Machine Gun Not Working In Palworld

Palworld is a unique and captivating game that introduces players to a world with adorable creatures called Pals.

The pals can do various roles in the game and the most important one is helping players defend their base.

Pals can use various methods and tools to defend their master’s base in the game.

Hence, one of the significant defence structures that Pals can use for defending is the Mounted Machine Gun.

Mounted machine gun palworld
Players can craft the Mounted Machine Gun with the recipe items like ingots,  nails and cement.

However, many players report that they are facing trouble and issues with the functionality of the Mounted Machine Gun during raids.

Players are interacting in online forums and sharing their frustration as the Mounted Machine Gun is not working.

Some players also share that they experimented with the positioning and placement of the machine gun thinking it would help, but it didn’t.

The issue seems to persist even when Tanzees with handiwork skills are assigned to operate the machine gun.

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Why Is Mounted Machine Gun Not Working?

Mounted Machine Gun is a rank 1 weapon in Palworld which requires 50000 work ammount.

Players must use a Pal to operate this defensive installation by placing the ammo in the chest.

Additionally, players can craft the Mounted Machine Gun with the recipe items like 30 ingots, 10 nails and 15 cement.

Numerous players have reported encountering a common issue with the specific pal called Tanzee.

Tanzee is the Pal who is usually assigned the work of operating the Mounted Machine Gun in the game.

However, lately, Tanzee has not operated the Mounted Machine Gun and frequently fails to utilize the weapon effectively during raids.

Palworld Mounted Machine Gun
In Palworld, you can assign the task to operate the Mounted Machine Gun to your Pals to defend the base.

Even when players try to carefully position and attempt to troubleshoot the setup, the Tanzee just sits there and doesn’t do anything.

The Mounted Machine Gun is not working due to Tanzee not operating the Mounted Machine Gun properly.

Due to this reason, the base gets often vulnerable as it makes the base open to attacks from the raiders.

Hence, this glitch or bug in Palworld affects the player’s progress and gameplay tremendously.

Tips For The Mounted Machine Gun Not Working

The Palworld community has come together to share insights and potential solutions to the Mounted Machine Gun not working problem.

You can try the steps as follows and check if it solve the machine gun not working problem for you.

1. Check Ammo For The Machine Gun

The first step is to check for ammo as there must be a sufficient amount of ammo for the Mounted Machine Gun to work.

Hence, putting rifle bullets in a nearby box might help, as the Pal using it should load the gun on its own.

2. Placement Of The Mounted Machine Gun

Players can also experiment with placing and positioning the Mounted Machine Gun further inside the base, pointing it towards the centre.

This strategy aims to overcome the game’s mechanics, which only make Pals defend when enemies get into the base circle.

In Palworld, Pals and enemies only start fighting when they get to the base circle.

Therefore, defensive structures like the Mounted Machine Gun might not engage enemies outside this designated area.

3. Fix the Range Of The Machine Gun

It is very important to keep an eye out for the accurate range for the Mounted Machine Gun to work.

So, check whether the Mounted Machine Gun is in the correct range or a perfect shooting distance so that it can shoot better.

4. Do Not Ask Pals Manually

The next method is to try is to not tell Pals manually to use the Mounted Machine Gun.

It seems like manually asking Pals to use the machine gun makes them only focus on defence and ignore other base jobs.

Even after trying these methods if the Mounted Machine gun does not work then reach out to the Palworld help community.

Hence, this could be a bug or glitch in the game, so reporting the issue can help the game creators acknowledge it sooner.

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