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Palworld Ice Missile Not Working: Causes And Fixes

Recently, many players have reported that the Chillet’s ice missile is not working while riding it in Palworld.

Similarly, the Ice missile is one of the deadliest abilities in Palworld and deals heavy damage upon landing the shot.

Multiple reports suggest that the Chillet’s ice missile is malfunctioning after the patch 1.4.1 update in Palworld.

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What Is Palworld Ice Missile?

Among the several skills that Pals possess in Palworld, Ice Missile emerges as one of the top-notch abilities.

The Ice Missile is a powerful ability that is capable of unleashing the icy havoc upon the strong adversaries.

Ice Missile creates an ice lance in that air that deals heavy damage when landing upon the adversary in the game.

Ice Missile In Palworld
A player is successfully utilizing the Ice Missile In Palworld.

It is one of the deadliest attacks in Palworld, so players must capitalize it against enemies to deliver a chilling impact upon contact.

Moreover, Ice missiles have a power rating of 30 and a cast time of 3 seconds, so activate them properly to enhance effectiveness in combat.

Pals like Chillet, Pengullet, FuackFuack, Jolthog Cryst, and many others can learn and utilize the Ice Missile Skill.

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Palworld Ice Missile Not Working Issue

Recently, there have been numerous reports on various gaming communities and forums regarding the Ice Missile.

Many players are frustrated as the Ice missile is not working in the recent update.

This issue is mainly experienced while riding Chillet and trying to use the Ice Missile.

Similarly, players are unable to ignite the Ice Missile despite trying both tapping and holding the Designated Button.

This problem has sparked a lively discussion among the players in different communities who are actively seeking solutions.

Instead of attacking the enemies as expected, the ice missiles manifest in a decorative display around the Chillet.

The Ice Missile is failing to engage the targets effectively as expected and has disappointed many players.

Ice Missile Not Working: Patch Impact And Potential Fixes

While looking at the discussion of several community forums, the main reason behind the malfunctioning of Ice Missile is the new Patch update.

Many players have reported encountering issues with the functionality of the Chillet’s ice missile after a recent patch update.

Likewise, the game recently introduced the patch 1.4.1 update, leaving players unable to utilize the ice missile effectively.

Ice Missile Working Fine In Palworld
Before the new patch update, the ice missile was working fine in Palworld.

The ice missiles were working fine before this update which explains that the new patch has disrupted their effectiveness.

The sudden malfunction of the Ice missile left players searching for solutions to restore Chillet to its deadly form.

Here are some of the potential solutions to resolve in issue in Palworld:

1. Reverting To Previous Version

Some players have speculated that degrading the game version might restore Chillet’s ice missile in the game.

However, this workaround may not be accurate for all the players and could come with different complications.

Nevertheless, you can try reverting to the previous version and see if this solves the error.

2. Developer Awareness

Players can discuss this malfunction and raise awareness of the issues through forums, social media, and so on.

Similarly, players can also engage in direct communication with the developers, highlighting the importance of resolving the issue.

By doing so, developers may then prioritize addressing the Ice missile issue in future patches or hotfixes.

3. Temporary Workarounds

In the absence of a permanent fix for this issue, players can try some of the alternatives as a temporary solution.

Similarly, players can try riding alternate mounts such as Fuack, Mau Cryst, Sweepa, and Ribunny to see if this resolves the issue.

Even though this temporary workaround might not be ideal, these measures can help reduce the impact of the issue.

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