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Best Way To Use The Jar Of Bees In Fae Farm

The Jar of Bees is one of the items in Pheonix Lab’s Fae Farm Game.

Players who have obtained the item have no idea of its usage and are trying to find a solution.

Jar of Bees in Fae Farm is an item that releases a swarm of bees upon use. The best way to use it is to release the bees near the bunch of honey hives to gather Honeycomb to earn money or to produce more honey.

Continue reading to discover the location and usage of the Jar of Bees in Fae Farm.

What Is A Jar Of Bees In Fae Farm?

As the name justifies, Jar of Bees is a jar filled with a bunch of bees.

The Jar of Bees usually comes in three sizes, including small, medium and large.

Like the Jar, Fae Farm offers various other handy items in the game progression.

Players can obtain the Jar of Bees through crafting and completing the events.

fae farm jar of bees
Obtain the Jar of Bees.

Healing, Fireproof, Zoom, Zaps and Confusion are other potions players can discover in the game.

All of the potion has its unique feature and effect to make the farm productive.

With the help of The Jar  Of Bees, players can throw a swarm of bees whose number can differ from the size.

The higher the swarm of bees, the higher the amount of the Honeycomb.

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How To Use The Jar Of Bees?

Many Fae Farm players misuse the Jar of Beesy due to a lack of technique.

Some players are throwing the swarm of bees in the open area, whereas others are trying to catch them.

Unfortunately, it does not work, as the bees will attack the players and follow till players dodge them.

This may lead to the loss of the bees, which directly hampers the output the bees can produce.

So, follow the procedure to get the best use of the Jar of Bees in Fae Farm;

1. Plant A Hive

If players are trying to find the best way to use the Bee Jar, initially build a few Bee hives on the farm.

Players should ensure to build a higher number of Bee Hives if they have the resources.

Honey comb fae farm
Build a honey hive.

2. Use The Jar of Bees

After constructing the hiney hive, open the inventory near the area.

If players have managed to get any kind of Jar of Bees, click on the item and press Consume.

fae farm jar of bees
Press consume for a Large Jar of Bees in the inventory.

This will release the group of bees in the designated area, and slowly, the bees will enter inside the hiney hive.

3. Collect The Honeycomb

After bees enter the hive, they will start producing the Honeycomb over a certain period.

Make sure to collect the comb and the bees from all the honey hives in the Fae Farm game.

Players can also repeat the process to earn more honeycomb combos and additional bees. 

Honey hive
Collect the honeycombs and bees.

Players can sell the Honeycomb at the market for higher credits or to make honey.

The Bottom Line

The Jar of Bee is a potion item in Fae Farm that comes in three different sizes, which may contain a unique or the same bees.

Players can use the item to release the swarm of bees anywhere on the farm.

However, the potion works best when players use it near several Hiney Hives.

So, it can produce a higher number of honeycombs, which later can be sold in the market.

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