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Context And Endings Explained: My Eyes Deceive Me

My Eyes Deceive is a psychological horror game that features a little girl and her dad.

People online are speculating that it was based on the real-life case of Josef Fritzl.

The context of My Eyes Deceive is for the girl to figure out the actual reality of the nature of her dad, who has been deceiving her the whole time. The dad’s nature is explained once players reach the end of the game.

In this article, we will explore everything about the context and ending of My Eyes Deceive Me.

Context Of The Game My Eyes Deceive Me

The game starts off with your character waking up in her basement bedroom.

The character is a little girl whom her dad is apparently protecting from the cruel outside world.

He visits his daughter every day from the roof of the basement and portrays new stories to the daughter.

However, he never enters the basement as he explains that he has to protect the daughter at all times.

Preparing Food As A Chore In My Eyes Deceive Me
Preparing food is a chore in My Eyes Deceive Me.

My Eyes Deceive Me: Choosing The Fate 

The player’s objectives as a character are pretty simple. They have to follow these same chores every day:

  • Take the antidote pills
  • Make the food in the oven and eat
  • Drink the water
  • Go to sleep
  • Occasionally, the game makes you interact with new objects

Also, the girl gets very distorted dreams every night, which stretches with each passing day.

Sometimes, the game allows players to choose the story by presenting two photographs.

Final Choice To Determine Endings In My Eyes Deceive Me
The final choice is determining the ending of In My Eyes Deceive Me.

Then, the photographs are placed in the girl’s diary for a new story description.

Currently, the game has two endings: A good ending and a bad ending.

To get a good ending, players must reject the option to take the pills when the dad is away.

It leads your character to discover the true nature of her dad and why she was kept in the basement.

Further, you have to escape the basement after you realize the truth.

Alternately, a bad ending occurs if the player takes the pills even when the dad is away.

This would result in your character being unable to find the true story.

Nevertheless, the players who play this game realize the dad’s nature regardless of the two endings.

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Ending Of The Game Explained

The game’s ending is not for the faint of heart, as it leaves the players psychologically scarred.

Players will start to doubt the antidotes at some point in the game.

This is because it is later revealed that the antidotes are the reason why the girl is having bad dreams.

Additionally, the girl’s dreams get longer and more distorted with each passing day.

Finally, the ending is revealed when the player gets to choose the antidote intake.

If they decide not to take the antidote, a dream will appear where the chain binds the girl to her bed.

Further, the girl has to break out from that chain which in turn wakes her from sleep.

At this point, the doors to the basement are left open, and you hear the father fleeing.

Later, it is revealed that police are trailing him, which leads the players to believe that he is a criminal.

Dad's Nature Explained In The Game During Good Ending
Dad’s Nature is explained in the game during a good ending.

Furthermore, the players discover the girl that the antidotes are actually sedatives.

This explains why dreams of the girl get longer each night(overdose of sedatives). 

Also, this explains why the game’s name is ‘My Eyes Deceive Me’. But note that this event occurs only for the good ending.

On the other hand, the bad ending is much worse than players can believe.

If the girl keeps taking the antidote, she will never discover the sedatives and the police.

She meets the father on day 147 and delivers the line, “Why do I feel nauseous every morning now, Papa“?

This is when the game ends and says that the original version of the game is even darker.

The Bottom Line

My Eyes Deceive Me is a very controversial game that should only be played by people of legal age.

Most of the Roblox community are people of younger age therefore, they should avoid this game.

However, for the players who want to look more into this topic, they can study the documentary of Josef Fritzl’s case.

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